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Monthly Archives: May 2007

We had the most AMAZING “Dream”!!!!


We were in MGM on our recent trip in January…ALL DAY! My son (8)is a HUGE Star Wars fan so of course his “must do ride” is Star Tours! My youngest son (3) is too little to ride so my husband and I were going to do the “child swap” option. On the way into the attraction there were Storm Troopers everywhere “guarding the ride” and lo and behold, there was Darth Vader! That was thrilling in itself because we NEVER see them. Continue reading

What Makes a Disney Vacation so Memorable?

What makes Disney vacations so memorable? That’s easy…’s the feelings just being there brings out in all of us. It’s the joy of spending time with family…where the pressures of the outside world are left beyond the gates.

Our vacation in 2005 became one we wondered would ever come. You see, we were supposed to vacation in Disney late in 2004. We were under the 100 day point when my husband went to the doctor with a lump on the side of his neck. No one, even the doctors, thought it would be anything. Were we ever wrong! Two days after my dreaded 40th birthday, we received news that would change our lives. My husband had cancer. Vacation was placed far on the back burner while we faced the battle of a lifetime. Being optimistic, we did not cancel this trip, we postponed it! Continue reading

Splash Mountain

Here is a video we took on one of the wettest rides I can remember on Splash Mountain!

In all the years of riding this great attraction, I cannot remember ever getting this wet. And most of it came from the water canons at the very beginning of our ride! Continue reading