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Way-Out & Mad T-Cups at Mad T Party in Disney California Adventure Park

We recently journeyed down the Rabbit Hole to the Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure park, an energetic wonderland where we danced (most of) the night away, with the Mad Hatter and Alice on vocals. Eye candy abounds in this outdoor entertainment zone, with crazy costumes, dancing flamingos, hot-pink plastic chairs and lots of neon.

But we must admit, we thoroughly enjoyed just watching the crowd, especially the Hottest Deck in Town dancers, while we sipped a Croquetini (their version of a lemon drop martini) and a Long Island Iced T Party in the adjacent House of Cards Lounge.

 light-up souvenir cups

The light-up souvenir cups for non-alcoholic drinks are a blast – from a 16-ounce Mad Hatter Hat ($7.19) to a 32-ounce Wiggly Yard ($7.59) and a 32-ounce Mad T Party Sipper ($7.59). And the flavors are as vibrant as the backdrop, like Hatter’s Mandarin Fury (mandarin orange), Tweedle Blue (cotton candy), Jabberwocky Juice (Granny Smith apple) and Cheshire Chiller (desert pear).

The Mad T Party begins about sunset and continues until the park closes each evening. Check the park entertainment schedule for the latest schedule information.

Do you have a favorite drink at the Mad T Party?

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