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Vintage Epcot: A Return to Seabase Alpha

I’m a huge fan of The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction at Epcot where you can interact with the stars of the hit Disney•Pixar film, but there is one thing I miss about the original The Living Seas Pavilion – the hydrolater.

The Living Seas Pavilion – the hydrolater.

Iconic to The Living Seas Pavilion, this 20 passenger capsule elevator took guests on a 30-second trip to the ocean floor where they experienced water rushing by as electronic indicators measured the progress of their decent while the floor beneath them was shaking.

The Living Seas Pavilion

This 185,000 square-foot pavilion that opened in 1986 is home to a coral reef environment that holds 5.7 million gallons of seawater. When guests disembarked at Seabase Alpha (now known just as Seabase), they explored a model undersea research facility.

Seabase Alpha

The previous queue at The Living Seas had artifacts that had a more nautical feel than the beach queue guests encounter today.

The previous queue at The Living Seas

While saying “dude” as much as possible is today’s norm when leaving The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction, I still like to yell out “the deluge” when it downpours here in Florida. Those two words are still memorable all these years later from the original The Living Seas preshow.

One thought on “Vintage Epcot: A Return to Seabase Alpha

  1. Glenn Watts


    Thank you for sharing! I love the Living Seas pavilion. I too miss the hydrolators and Sea Base Alpha. I especially miss the pre-show “and it rained”.

    Thank you again,



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