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Glimpse the New Test Track ‘SimCar’ Starting Today at Epcot

Here’s an update that I’m sure many of you Epcot fans have been waiting for – a sneak peek at the new Test Track attraction vehicle.

The New Test Track "SimCar" on Display at Epcot

This sample “SimCar” can now be viewed outside the attraction at the nearby Cool Wash Station, while the reimagining of the attraction continues.
When Test Track reopens later this fall, the attraction will allow guests to experience the fun and fascinating world of automotive design firsthand. Guests will first enter a Design Studio and make a series of selections (as an individual or a group) to create their ideal custom concept vehicle – they can even pick the color. Guests then board a six-passenger SimCar for a test drive, and see how their design compares to the SimCar in Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness and Power.
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2 thoughts on “Glimpse the New Test Track ‘SimCar’ Starting Today at Epcot

  1. joey boudreaux

    i’m sure my opinion won’t be popular, but i’m very disappointed to see the old test track go away. my family and i loved it like it was. we don’t come to disney for an opportunity to design anything, that’s for disney to do. we come to disney to ride rides. what a bore!

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