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5 Things I Love About Tom Sawyer Island

Panorama: Frontierland from Tom Sawyer Island 04

Frontierland from Tom Sawyer Island (Photo credit: Don Nunn)

Walt Disney World has many great places to visit and those special places make you want to return as quickly as possible. Some people just love visiting the Polynesian beach, others love Disney’s Boardwalk and still others love checking out the Wilderness Lodge. Within the Magic Kingdom, Tom Sawyer Island is a special place that provides some isolation and tranquility, which is why I really appreciate it. When I visit Tom Sawyer Island, here are five of the things I really like about this part of the Magic Kingdom.

1 – The Barrel Bridge

The Barrel Bridge on Tom Sawyer Island always brings me back to my childhood. I love just feeling like a kid. The bridge is fun, shaky and makes you almost feel like you’re about to topple into the water. It’s great for a laugh. Every time I go across it, I’m a kid again having some old-fashioned excitement and fun.

2 – Injun Joe’s Cave

Another of my favorite things about Tom Sawyer Island is Injun Joe’s Cave. This cave just draws me into it, making me want to go exploring. The bridge that goes right over the bottomless pit is exciting and a bit scary. Add to that the skull that creepily glows from the rocks and you have a great cave worth visiting. While it’s clammy and dark in there, it’s just awesome.

3 – The Incredible Views

When visiting Tom Sawyer Island within the Magic Kingdom, one of the best things to enjoy is the incredible views it has to offer. You can enjoy the views offered of Cinderella Castle and Liberty Square or you can even look across the river to see Frontierland with all its hustle and bustle. Enjoy beautiful, natural views along the riverside or check out the great view of the Haunted Mansion.

4 – Fort Langhorn

I just love visiting Fort Langhorn, which was originally known as Fort Sam Clemens. This classic attraction is exciting and plenty of fun. From the blacksmith shop to the Rifle Roost, I’m entranced every time I visit. Of course, I definitely can’t go without making an exit through the secret escape tunnel.

5 – Pappy’s Fishing Pier

Last, Pappy’s Fishing Pier really grabs my heart when I’m visiting Tom Sawyer Island. This spot is a great place to relax, especially if you’re able to get a seat in one of the pier’s rocking chairs. Enjoy rocking some time away whiel people watching and enjoy the great views.

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