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Vintage Walt Disney World: Old Maps of Walt Disney World Resort

In the early years of Walt Disney World Resort , this artwork decorated the guest rooms of the Contemporary Resort Hotel and the Polynesian Village Resort Hotel . The piece showcases the spirit and vast, all-new offerings of the “Vacation Kingdom of the World,” including Magic Kingdom Park , golf courses, beaches, watercraft, monorail transportation, Bay Lake and its eventual Discovery Island, Fort Wilderness and Tri-Circle-D Ranch , STOLport, the Polynesian and Contemporary Resort hotels, and three “future” resorts: the Asian, Venetian, and Persian.

Vintage Walt Disney World Map and three “future” resorts: the Asian, Venetian, and Persian. Resorts

While announced to the public in 1969, the Asian, Persian, and Venetian Resort hotels never materialized. Eventually, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa  would open on the site of the Asian Resort, and the sites for the Venetian and Persian Resorts would remain undeveloped. Here’s a look at our property as it’s been developed today.

Current Walt Disney World Map with all 4 Theme Parks and Downtown Disney

As Disney legend goes, because so many of the original Walt Disney World Resort maps were printed for guest rooms, a cast member used the excess ones as wrapping paper for Christmas presents one year. A gift wrapped in Disney magic!

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