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Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World hotels will soon be implementing a refillable mug system that has recently been tested at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. The new program, called Rapid Fill, will begin this month at all hotels featuring self-serve beverage stations.

Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts


The three All-Star Resorts will be the first to roll out the new program, which will offer guests a refillable mug that contains an RFID chip that can be activated for a pre-selected number of days. The mugs can then be filled with drinks at any beverage station only during those designated days.

How Does It Work?

Guests can buy the Rapid Fill mugs at resort counter service locations and gift shops. Days are calculated by calendar date, not the time of day.

Currently the refillable mugs cost $15.49 at the resorts and can only be used at the same location (via the honor system) as long as you are a resort guest.

The mugs cannot be used during follow-up visits to Walt Disney World resorts and they may not be used at the water parks but may be filled at any resort with self-serve beverage stations. The new mugs will also be included with the Disney Dining Plan.

Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts

Here you are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you may have about the “Rapid Fill” mugs (via Orlando Park News):

– What’s the difference between the current Resort Refillable mugs and the Rapid Fill mugs?
The Rapid Fill mugs offer Guests flexibility by allowing them to choose one, two, or three days of refills or for their entire length of stay. The RFID (radio frequency identification) chip installed in the mug alerts Guests as to how many days they have remaining on their mug. The program was tested in 2011 at Disney’s All Star Resorts and is similar to the technology currently used in mugs sold at Disney water parks.
– Can non-Walt Disney World Resort Guests purchase and use the mug? 
Yes. Anyone can purchase and use the Rapid Fill mugs at any resort self-service beverage station.
– Can the Rapid Fill mugs be used in multiple resort hotels? 
Yes. The Rapid Fill mugs may be enjoyed at any resort hotel self-service beverage station.
– Can I bring the same Rapid Fill mug each time I visit the Walt Disney World Resort?
No, past mugs cannot be activated for future visits. Guests who purchase the Length of Stay option for Rapid Fill program can use the mug for fourteen (14) consecutive days after activation. Guests can extend the mug beyond the 14-day Length of Stay option as long as it’s still within the current length of stay.
– If the mug is activated for first use at 5 p.m., will the one day count until 5 p.m. the next day?
No, the day will end at 11:59 p.m. that night. Each day is a calendar day (12:01 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.), not a 24-hour period. Whenever the mug is used for the first time, regardless of  time of day, the mug will expire for that day at midnight.
– Can the current water park mug be used in resorts? 
No. The current water park mug is only valid in water parks, with no resort add-on option. However, Guests soon  will be able to add a water park option for their mug.
– Can Guests purchase a Resort Rapid Fill mug anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort? 
Resort Rapid Fill mugs may only be purchased at Walt Disney World Resort hotels with self-service beverage  stations.
– If a Guest prefers not to purchase the Rapid Fill mug, can they purchase a regular mug instead?
The Rapid Fill mugs will be the only refillable mugs available at this time. Guests may choose to purchase
nonrefillable paper cups for their drinks if they prefer.
– Can mugs be microwaved?
No, the mug cannot be microwaved.
– What is the price of the Rapid Fill mug?
The prices of the mugs vary based on Guest preference for number of days for refills, as follows:
  • $8.99 for 1 day
  • $11.99 for 2 days
  • $14.99 for 3 days
  • $17.99 for length of stay (4+ days)

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13 thoughts on “Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts

  1. Louise

    If you by a dinning plan will these cup come free like they did before. I was told by Disney cast member that if you brought the other older cups you could bring them back on your next visit, this article claims you cant. This smart mug just seems like another way to make more money off the family that vacation at Disney. I know Disney is expensive but figure worker have to be paid and so dose the electric bill Yikes! I also have read that Disney executive are making quite a bit in Disney stocks, so as far as the new I have read Disney is not hurting for money. So way not help family that want that magical experience in Disney, as far as I am concerned every child should have a Disney experience at least once in their childhood. Do not make it harder for poorer family to make this dream come true. Sincerely Louise Puccio

  2. Bonnie Wenners

    As a comment to your refillable mugs: We have returned to Disney World for many years with 7 of our 8 grandchildren and always brought back our mugs for refills. Hope they can be Grandfathered in to use on our next stay. I can understand the first-timers getting mugs only for the days that they are in the park but for the seasoned people like us that does not seem fair. Universal Studios actually let us use a Star Wars cup last year we had obtained about 12 years ago. Hope you can do the fair thing with loyal customers.

    1. John Donahue Post author

      I understand how you feel Bonnie… I am assuming that Disney is trying to get people who have used old mugs over the years to actually pay for their sodas. I know a lot of locals who own mugs who are pretty upset by this…but I also understand the money that Disney loses each day to dozens of guests who might not have paid for their drinks at dinner, getting refill after refill. But your feelings are very similar to lots of people I know.

  3. Kelly Tackett

    Awesome information John! Just a quick question…In the top portion of the article it states that “it can only be used at the same location as long as you are a resort guest”. In the bottom portion of the article, it states, “Yes. The Rapid Fill mugs may be enjoyed at any resort hotel self-service beverage station”. So, just curious if the chip will allow for beverage refills at any Disney resort or just at the resort where the guest is staying…Thanks for the update and the information!

    1. John Donahue Post author

      Thanks for the compliment Kelly! I understand the confusion, and I apologize.. The CURRENT system only allows for the resort mugs to be used at that location (although if you have ever visited another Disney Resort, you have been able to get refills…which apparently has been “Disney Illegal” – whoops) But the Rapid Refill mugs allow for guests to travel across property and use their mugs. The honor system wasn’t working for Disney and people were abusing it. So this is what we have now…

    1. John Donahue Post author

      The Rapid Refill Mugs, and the older refillable mugs have never been able to be used in the parks. If they created that option, I think a lot of people would be happy!

  4. Kati

    So, maybe I missed it. We usually get the free mug with our dining plan. Is this replacing those mugs? Is this in addition to those mugs (so this or that)? If these mugs replace the existing mugs, do we pay extra for all the days we are staying? ~Thanks.

    1. John Donahue Post author

      These RFID mugs will be replacing your mugs that you get for your dining plan. The only difference is the RFID chip in the mug. Everything else should stay basically the same.

  5. Sherry Murphy

    I’m not sure I like the idea of the new mugs. We have always been given a mug with the Deluxe Meal Plan that could be used at our hotel anytime and as many times as we wished. Is this new one going to take the place of the one we have gotten in the past. If so, I don’t think I like the idea of having to pay for “free refills”

    1. John Donahue Post author

      Thanks for your comments Sherry! You will still receive your mugs as part of the Meal Plan, and you will still get all the refills you want. So there should be no problem with how you have been doing it being the same going forward.

  6. Phyllis Wheeler

    Do not like that you cannot microwave these as we will be keeping them as a souvenir to use at home. I also am not happy that as we usually stay for 10 days we will pay more now for our cup. If you keep raising prices on every little thing that a family has to have you will price yourself right out of the lives of ordinary people. Too bad. My daughter has 4 children and this is a big issue for her and us.
    Thank you,

    1. John Donahue Post author

      While we do understand how you feel Phyllis, we are a travel agency, and not Disney… but we can certainly understand how you feel! The problem has been people who are not resort guests who have abused the free refills. It’s sad, but unfortunately, I am not sue Disney has much choice. But thank you very much for your opinions and for coming by the website!


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