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What Does 2 Days Before a Race Feel Like?

What Does 2 Days Before a Race Feel Like?

Here we are…just 2 days until the running of the Wine & Dine Half Marathon at Disney World.  The course will take us 13.1 miles through 3 parks and then to an after party in Epcot until 4am to celebrate our accomplishment!  But what does 2 days before the race feel like to a runner?  If you’re me…it’s nerves, nerves, nerves.  Before any race I find myself double and triple checking my gear that I’m packing to be sure that I have it all…this happens whether or not we’re traveling for a race or just driving to one from our home.  I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something vital.  I mean, there’s the one race outfit, the back-up weather outfit, the fuel belt, the Vibrams, the Injinji socks, the Body Glide, the compression socks, the headband and ponytails, the Ipod, the sport watch….AHHHHH…will the list never end?!

Then there is the charging of equipment…the watch, the Ipod etc.  I still haven’t finished creating my playlist for the run on Saturday…sigh…add that to the To Do List yet.  I like to make sure that I have a playlist for the different race lengths…this way as I put it together I know when I’m nearing the end of the playlist…I know where my “push” is going to be.  And sleeping…you expect me to sleep well?!  Forget it…the night before the race I usually don’t sleep that well….the nerves get the better of me, I may sleep on and off, but it’s not restful.  So right now I guess you could say that I feel my body “humming”, humming with the anticipation of the race, waiting to see what the weather will be like, waiting to see how I feel after the start.

I feel bad for my husband because as the race draws even closer and we head to the pre-race gathering it doesn’t take a lot to get me moody….he likes to pace around and stretch forever…it makes me batty.  I’m just not wired like that.  He likes to keep drinking fluids…I’ve cut myself off because I don’t want that feeling of running and needing a restroom.  My goal?  Finish the race without using a Port a Potty!  I just want the race to start…I don’t love the long wait times…I want to get going and get in my rhythm.

What Does 2 Days Before a Race Feel Like?

Some people will say that if I’ve trained enough I shouldn’t be nervous.  I do train and I try to follow the Galloway training program as closely as I can, but life gets in the way, let’s be honest.  Some weekends you don’t get those long runs in like you wanted to.  And really, can you ever train enough?  So yes, I’m left wondering if missing a long run here or there is going to hurt me.  I’m also feeling the pressure, purely from myself, to run a personal best.  The last 2 races that I’ve run have been personal bests for me…so how can I, as an athlete, not want to do better than my time last year in this race?  It’s not enough for me to finish…I want to improve from year to year…I want to get faster and stronger, I’m putting in the time and I’m pushing myself…so I expect “me” to show “me” some results.

So that’s what 2 days before a race feels like if you’re me!  What does your 2 days before feel like?

Guest Blogger – Carrie Bryniak

carrie-bryniakI am your friendly Travel Professional with Kingdom Magic Vacations and a runner as well.  My first RunDisney Race was in 2010, the Wine & Dine Half Marathon Relay…and since then I’ve been hooked on Disney races and others.  Some of my favorites are the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, the Turtle Krawl 5K and the USA Beach Running Championships.  If you’re a runner and you need help with travel plans for a race, don’t hesitate to contact me!  I’m here to help you and support your efforts!

2 thoughts on “What Does 2 Days Before a Race Feel Like?

  1. Marc B

    I ALWAYS stress more before a race. What’s the weather going to be? How should I dress for the weather so I don’t freeze in the corral for an hour but burn up on course? Will I wake up in time? How will I get there? Traffic? Parking? What do I eat the night before? Morning of? Charge the Garmin. Do I need to bring food? Where does the course go? How much should I drink so I’m hydrated but don’t have to leave the corral to pee or stop at mile 1 where it’s always really busy?

    It’s not until the time I’m in the corral all safe and sound that I start to relax, but the fireworks/gun going off is where I finally feel like the stress is gone, it’s a relief to see get on course!!

    1. Carrie Bryniak

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Marc! That’s right…I didn’t even mention the whole, what do I eat, what don’t I eat, and did I remember to pack the on course fuel! More great insights into the mind of a runner!


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