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Sunset Season’s Greetings at Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World is themed to the golden age of Hollywood. Entering the park and walking down Hollywood boulevard you become instantly immersed into the glitz and glamour of ‘Tinsel Town.’ During the Christmas Season, Hollywood Studios gets an extra layer of magic as every inch of the park gets adorned with gorgeous holiday decorations.

This year, Disney introduced a brand-new Christmas offering… Sunset Season’s Greetings! The show uses Disney’s latest in incredible projection-mapping technology to transform the Hollywood Tower Hotel into a series of holiday scenes. The quality of the projections is so clear and vivid. All of sunset boulevard gets festive as well, lights project on the palm trees that dance to the Christmas music, and billboards come to life with holiday scenes. To add to the atmosphere, it even snows in the middle of Florida!

Sunset Season’s Greeting is sure to put you and your family in the spirit of this magical season! There are no set times for the presentations, they take place intermittently throughout the evening. There are 4 different segments of projections that guests can experience. Each segment last about 2 minutes, then the tower is illuminated with a scene from that segment. This cycle is continuous throughout the entire evening. This system is very nice because guests don’t have to worry about staking out a spot to stand for the performance. The show can be seen from anywhere on sunset boulevard and because the presentations are continual there is not such a large crowd.

The 4 segments include a Mickey’ Christmas Carol segment, a Toy Story segment, a Muppet’s Segment, and a Frozen Segment.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol Segment

In this sequence, we watch the Hollywood Tower transform into a beautiful Victorian village! Horse drawn carriages glide across the screen and from the balconies you can see shadows of people moving about the quaint town. The attention to details in the effects is outstanding!


Toy Story Segment

In this sequence, the Hollywood Tower Hotel magically transforms into the Hollywood Toy Hotel! During this segment packages pile up to the brim of the hotel. Then the gifts open up and reveal a collection of toys! The toys bounce and dance across the toys. This segment is so colorful and whimsical. One of my favorite effects from the Toy Story sequence is the toy train that appears to be running in and out of the windows on the Hollywood Tower.


Muppet’s Segment

The Muppets sequence begins with the Swedish Chef creating a messy gingerbread house. Then a larger than life gingerbread house begins to be constructed on the Hollywood Tower! Icing, gumdrops and candy canes dance across the tower perfectly set to a Christmas soundtrack.

Frozen Segment

Frozen fans will adore this forth segment that features Olaf! Olaf sings an original song about holiday traditions and the tower comes to life with scenes depicting each of those festivities, such as decorating with garland, hanging stockings by the fire and caroling!

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World during the holidays, you will defiantly want to make Sunsets Season’s Greetings a must-see at Hollywood Studios park! Watch the show in our YouTube video!

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