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Dining Recon: Laguna Bar – Guest Blog Post

If you’ve followed me at for any measure of time, you know that my entire family loves Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  Frankly, from our view, for the price, it is one of the best places to stay at Walt Disney World Resort.  It is clean, NOT crowded (as much as you might fear it is – given that it is a conference resort), and the people working there are top-notch.  Well, we also love their lake-side watering hole – Laguna Bar.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

This way to paradise!

One of the things I tell people is that I fell in love with Walt Disney World many years ago because of the Cast Members.  As a young family, with one 2nd grader in tow, we were taking our very-first BIG vacation.  The staff at Coronado Springs made us feel like we were the only guests visiting Walt Disney World, and they made us want to be a PART of the magic.  What more can you ask for when you’re handing Mickey your hard-earned dollars?  Well, the bartenders at Laguna are prime examples of great service.

The Laguna Bar sits directly behind El Centro – the Southwestern U.S./Mexican-themed resort’s main (central) building.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

Only a few steps away from El Centro.

It is a small establishment, but, for us, it packs a large “punch” in the form of hours of enjoyment.  It’s our vacation, after all, and what does one do on vacation but relax?  Oh, we love the theme parks, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes we just want to sit around and chill.  Laguna Bar is an ideal spot.  A cold beverage of any variety, enjoyed by Lago Dorado (the man-made lake at the heart of the resort) takes us to a very happy place.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

A comfortable, little resting place.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

The stools encircle the bar.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

Welcome to Laguna!

Dining Recon: Laguna bar

Ample seating.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

A beautiful view.

Food options at Laguna Bar are a bit limited, but Coronado’s Quick Service food court – Pepper Market – is just a short stroll away.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

If you’d like to stick around and keep your seat, however, Laguna sports a new menu.  With cuisine supplied by Cafe Rix, they have expanded their options to include nine salad and sandwich items as well as four “kids” meals and two desserts.  The former menu offered choices from amongst only two salads, three sandwiches, and two recipes of individual pizzas.  A big improvement!

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

We had the Cobb Salad and the All Beef Jumbo Hot Dog.  The salad was fresh and very filling.  Accompanied by your choice of chips, the “dog” was a hearty little meal!

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

You’ll love their signature cocktails. The Cancun Colada is especially tasty!

Whether you are buying a beverage or looking for a place to enjoy “take-out” from either Pepper Market or Cafe Rix, there’s plenty of seating.  For us, though, we enjoy a spot at the bar.  It is there that we can enjoy the company of Laguna’s outstanding staff of bartenders.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

No, Paola! We can’t drink that whole bottle!

If you’re looking for a surprisingly quiet, clean, moderately priced place to call home when you reach Walt Disney World, we would highly recommend Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.  If you’re looking for a place to sit back, relax, and chill in the presence of friendly Cast Members and a beautiful view, then visit Laguna Bar.

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

The crowd gathers!

The Three Caballeros request your presence!

Dining Recon: Laguna Bar

Guest Author – Bob Sikon

Guest Author Bob SikonBob Sikon is a Cast Member “Wanna-Be”. He fell in love with Walt Disney World on his first visit to Mickey’s Florida home in 1999, and it was all because of the Cast Members. In his words, “The way they take care of you, they make you want to be part of The Magic.” Someday, his dream will come true, and he’ll proudly wear a Cast Member name badge, but, for now, you can find him in Atlanta, GA, planning his next trip to “The World”, and blogging about the place “Where Dreams Come True” at

Carthay Circle Lounge Cocktails, Appetizers Elevate Theme Park Eats at Disney California Adventure Park

We can’t think of many places more special than the cool downstairs lounge at Carthay Circle Restaurant, where guest can sip a classy cocktail and relax – hard to imagine you’re in a theme park when you settle back in the comfy chairs and order a Pimm’s Punch, pear martini or the divine Bloody Mary (garnished with a dehydrated, horseradish-crusted tomato), all served in elegant glassware. Even the ice is drink-specific.

Add an order of the deviled eggs with smoked salmon and lemon crème fraîche, duck confit sliders or roasted Moroccan lamb meatballs and you’ll be totally transported to your happy place.

This short clip shows the bartenders in action. And below is the recipe for the classic Bloody Mary. We don’t have a recipe for the dehydrated horseradish-crusted tomato garnish, but it sips just fine without. Cheers!


Carthay Circle Lounge Bloody Mary
Serves 1

1.5 ounces Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka
3 ounces Finest Call Loaded Bloody Mary Mix
1/4 ounce Fee Brothers Zesty Deli Dill Pickle Brine
4 drops The Bitter End BBQ Bitters
Dill sprig, dehydrated horseradish-crusted tomato slice, for garnish, optional

With ice, shake together vodka, Bloody Mary mix, pickle brine and bitters in a mixing glass. Strain over fresh ice in a tumbler and garnish with a dill sprig and dehydrated tomatoes, if desired.