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New Fantasylant Project Team Members Receive Key Piece of a New Attraction

According to the Disney Parks Blog, Walt Disney Imagineering just shared a photo of a very special delivery they received here the Walt Disney World Resort earlier this week.

New Fantasylant Project Team Members Receive Key Piece of a New Attraction

The very first mine train car was delivered at Walt Disney World this week for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attraction. The car, which can be seen above, will now be taken to a backstage area where it will receive a themed paint job and get ready for the 2014 debut in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park.

Does this get you excited for the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Attraction?

Guests are Seeing Stripes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom — Zebras Out on New Kilimanjaro Safaris Savanna

The Disney Parks Blog has been following our progress as a new animal habitat was added to the end of the Kilimanjaro Safaris
 as a home for a herd of plains zebras. I am pleased to share a photo from the zebras’ first day out (yesterday, October 23) taken by Disney photographer Gene Duncan.
Guests are having lots of fun snapping their own photos of the zebras

Guests are having lots of fun snapping their own photos of the zebras, which in the wild live in eastern and southern Africa. And our animal care team is continuing to keep a close eye on the various members of the herd as they acclimate to their new habitat. The team reports that they are doing great.

All in the Details: Hidden History at Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Magic Kingdom Park

We previously took a look at the opening of Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Magic Kingdom Park when it opened back in June, but there are actually some hidden details here that are worthy of another Disney Parks Blog post.

Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station at Magic Kingdom Park


If you know anything about Disney Parks, you probably know that Walt Disney Imagineering often includes nods to Disney history in their projects. (The names on the windows on Main Street, U.S.A., are a great example).

specific set of numbers on the back: 71, 82, 89

Horse hoofs and other signs of circus life have made their way into the concrete’s designs

When you’re walking through this area, be sure to check out the little details on the ground beneath your feet. Horse hoofs and other signs of circus life have made their way into the concrete’s designs. (Be sure to look for the elephant tracks and false peanut shells in the concrete that leads into Dumbo the Flying Elephant!).



First Look: Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House Opens at Tokyo Disneyland

Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House

Take a look at our newest attraction in Tokyo Disneyland. Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ Play House officially opens today and of course, we have some first images to share with Disney Parks Blog readers.

Inside the House, everyone gets a “paint”-shooting applicator

Inside the House, everyone gets a “paint”-shooting applicator called a Toontone Splat Master to redecorate Goofy’s room. You push a button, turn a handle or pull a string to make different colors of what seems like real paint fly out toward the walls and floor of the room. And yes, guests work together to make it happen.

The attraction also features theme options, like “beach” or “jungle,” to help with your remodeling. Check out our gallery for a closer peek.




All in the Details: Step Inside the World of Belle Through Her Magic Mirror at Magic Kingdom Park

We’ve hinted before on the Kingdom Magic  Blog that Enchanted Tales with Belle, in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom Park, will be no ordinary character greeting. Today, we’re excited to share more details about this special experience. As you’ll see from the video below – provided by Walt Disney Imagineering – the goal of this attraction is not just to give you a place to meet a Disney character, but to completely transport you into the world of “Beauty and The Beast.”


The journey begins at Maurice’s Cottage, where they’ll walk through the whimsical garden and find inventions created by Belle’s tinkerer father, Maurice. Inside are books, pictures and other symbols that define the home of Belle and Maurice and their lives there, including leftover gadgets and artifacts from experiments gone awry. But guests also will see a mirror that magically becomes a portal into Beast’s Castle…

To be continued!

Disneyland Resort Guests are About to ‘Glow With the Show’ at ‘Fantasmic!’

UPDATE: The first “Glow With the Show” performance of “Fantasmic!” for Disneyland park guests will be August 31. 

This summer, guests at Disney California Adventure park have been surprised and delighted by the ways in which the new “Glow With the Show” Ears magically interact with everything from “World of Color” to Mad T Party and more. Reaction to the “Glow With the Show” Ears has been so positive, the team is already working to expand the magic at the Disneyland Resort.


I’m happy to tell you that you’ll soon be able to “Glow With the Show” during “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland park. Imagine experiencing this classic nighttime spectacular in a whole new way – shimmering with the lights of romance as Disney’s royal couples drift by or becoming part of a virtual sea of flames when Maleficent sets the river on fire.

You’ll be able to get glowing with “Fantasmic!” later this month – stay tuned to the Kingdom Magic Blog for more updates.

New ‘American Idol’ Phillip Phillips Surprises Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The newest “American Idol,” Phillip Phillips, surprised a theater full of park guests Thursday when he made an appearance on-stage at “The American Idol Experience” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

American Idol,” Phillip Phillips, surprised a theater full of park guests

Phillips, who hit the top 10 on the charts with his single “Home,” was in central Florida for a performance of the “American Idol Live!” concert tour. The nationwide tour continues through mid-September.


In addition to making a surprise appearance for guests at “The American Idol Experience,” Phillips taped a series of short videos that Walt Disney Entertainment plans to utilize in the future during the attraction experience.

And of course, what visit to Disney Parks would be complete without a meeting with Mickey and Minnie? Disney Parks Blog author and photographer Matt Stroshane shot this picture of the smiling trio posing in front of the attraction.

A New Fantasyland Milestone: Gaston Arrives in Belle’s Village at Magic Kingdom Park

Gaston has arrived in Belle’s Village – well, a statue of him has, anyway.

Our friends at Walt Disney Imagineering are excited to share this latest milestone as Gaston arrived on site earlier this week, and they even snapped this pic for us to share exclusively with our Disney Parks Blog readers.

Gaston Arrives in Belle’s Village at Magic Kingdom Park

This bronze work of art will be a focal point in Belle’s Village, appearing as part of a larger fountain that also features Gaston’s sidekick Lefou right outside of Gaston’s Tavern.

Belle’s Village

Here’s what we can expect Belle’s Village to look like when it’s complete. (For reference, Gaston’s Tavern is on the left and Bonjour Gifts is on the right).

We’ll be back Tuesday morning with another update on New Fantasyland. In the meantime, what part of New Fantasyland do you want to see next?

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