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Postcard From Sleeping Beauty Castle At Disneyland Paris


Situated just outside Paris, France is Disneyland Paris Resort.  Like all Disney parks, there is a castle there to welcome you.  Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle looks like it was pulled directly from the classic animated movie. But unlike other castles around the world, under this castle you will discover ‘La Taniere du Dragon’ or ‘The Dragon’s Lair’ where they keep a certain dragon held prisoner!

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Disneyland Paris Resort Unveils Details Of Its New ‘Ratatouille’-Inspired Area

Today fans got their first extended peek at Disneyland Paris Resort’s most anticipated new attraction with the release of the first photo and video trailer of the “Ratatouille”-themed area opening this summer.


Inspired by the Oscar-winning Disney●Pixar film, “Ratatouille”, the L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy ride-through attraction will shrink guests down to the size of the film’s star, Remy, a cuisine-loving rat who dreams of becoming a master French chef. Guests will join Remy and his friends as they scurry through the kitchen, dining room, and walls of Gusteau’s famous Parisian restaurant, all the while trying to avoid the villainous Chef Skinner. This first-of-its-kind Disney attraction will immerse guests into an animated world like never before.

The latest images were unveiled as part Euro Disney S.C.A.’s annual shareholders meeting. The attraction will be located in a new area of Walt Disney Studios Park’s Toon Studio, and will anchor a “Ratatouille”-inspired version of Paris. In addition to the attraction, the area will also feature a shop, Chez Marianne Souvenirs de Paris, and a themed table service restaurant, Bistrot Chez Rémy. The unique restaurant will be directly adjacent to the attraction and serve the “little chef’s” famous dish, ratatouille.

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