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Some of Our Favorite Foods We Found in Wells, Maine On Travel With Rick

This week on Travel With Rick, Leslie and I share some of the favorite restaurants and eats we found on our summer trip to Wells, Maine. We tell you about The Ramp, Varanos, Billy’s Chowder House, Wells Beach Lobster Pound and more, what we had, what we liked, all of our favorite foods from Maine.

So check out the video and see and hear about some of the best food around Wells, Maine!

The Ramp – Cape Porpoise, Maine On Travel With Rick

This week on Travel With Rick, we enjoy some great seafood at the Ramp in Cape Porpoise, Maine. We discovered this little restaurant / bar last year during our first trip up to Maine. Located underneath the main restaurant, Pier 77, you literally walk down the “ramp” to get to it. The decor is made up of old and new political and sports memorabilia, and serving up some of the finest seafood anywhere!

Famous for their lobster roll and seafood stew, our favorites, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

Wells Beach Lobster Pound with Troy Brown On Travel With Rick

This week on Travel With Rick, we visit one of our favorite places in Maine, the Wells Beach Lobster Pound. Owner Troy Brown explains the history of the restaurant started by his Grandfather and now passed down to him. Troy started when he was just 9 years old and has been part of the Lobster Pound now for 39 seasons!

We learn about the different kinds of Maine Lobster, pick a fresh pound and a half “soft shell” female, boil it up fresh and enjoy the delicious, succulent lobster with melted buttah and house made cole slaw. (that’s not a typo) Everything is bettah with buttah!

We also enjoy one of the best lobster rolls you’ll find anywhere. Troy shows us just how they create these incredibly tasty treats with the only ingredients being the fresh lobster meat from their tanks, a little mayo and a soft toasted split top roll. Nothing could be bettah!

So check out this week’s video and see why we love the Wells Beach Lobster Pound so much!

The #1 Reason Travel With Rick Loves Maine So Much

This week on Travel With Rick, you’ll find out the number one reason we love Maine so much, we are only a mile from the beach! We take a drive over, show you some of the homes, the beautiful, rocky coastline of Wells Maine, point out one of our favorite restaurants along the way and end up on Wells Beach, a place that has become one of our favorite places in the world. So much so in fact that last year we bought a small home and now spend a few weeks in the summer here.

So check out the video and see some of the beautiful sites around Wells, Maine!

What Is Travel With Rick Doing In Maine?

This week on Travel With Rick, we tell you about a few we’ve found and later we’ll take you back to some of our favorite places in Maine for a more in depth look. Some of them will be no surprise why they are great, yes, of course there’s lobster, lots of Maine lobster. But some of them will be a surprise! The best Italian food ever, in Maine? You betcha, I’ll never have Veal Parmigiana anywhere else. The best Mexican dish, maybe and it’s right here in Ogunquit, Maine.