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Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World hotels will soon be implementing a refillable mug system that has recently been tested at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. The new program, called Rapid Fill, will begin this month at all hotels featuring self-serve beverage stations.

Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts


The three All-Star Resorts will be the first to roll out the new program, which will offer guests a refillable mug that contains an RFID chip that can be activated for a pre-selected number of days. The mugs can then be filled with drinks at any beverage station only during those designated days.

How Does It Work?

Guests can buy the Rapid Fill mugs at resort counter service locations and gift shops. Days are calculated by calendar date, not the time of day.

Currently the refillable mugs cost $15.49 at the resorts and can only be used at the same location (via the honor system) as long as you are a resort guest.

The mugs cannot be used during follow-up visits to Walt Disney World resorts and they may not be used at the water parks but may be filled at any resort with self-serve beverage stations. The new mugs will also be included with the Disney Dining Plan.

Smart Refillable Mugs Introduced at Walt Disney World Resorts

Here you are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you may have about the “Rapid Fill” mugs (via Orlando Park News):

– What’s the difference between the current Resort Refillable mugs and the Rapid Fill mugs?
The Rapid Fill mugs offer Guests flexibility by allowing them to choose one, two, or three days of refills or for their entire length of stay. The RFID (radio frequency identification) chip installed in the mug alerts Guests as to how many days they have remaining on their mug. The program was tested in 2011 at Disney’s All Star Resorts and is similar to the technology currently used in mugs sold at Disney water parks.
– Can non-Walt Disney World Resort Guests purchase and use the mug? 
Yes. Anyone can purchase and use the Rapid Fill mugs at any resort self-service beverage station.
– Can the Rapid Fill mugs be used in multiple resort hotels? 
Yes. The Rapid Fill mugs may be enjoyed at any resort hotel self-service beverage station.
– Can I bring the same Rapid Fill mug each time I visit the Walt Disney World Resort?
No, past mugs cannot be activated for future visits. Guests who purchase the Length of Stay option for Rapid Fill program can use the mug for fourteen (14) consecutive days after activation. Guests can extend the mug beyond the 14-day Length of Stay option as long as it’s still within the current length of stay.
– If the mug is activated for first use at 5 p.m., will the one day count until 5 p.m. the next day?
No, the day will end at 11:59 p.m. that night. Each day is a calendar day (12:01 a.m. – 11:59 p.m.), not a 24-hour period. Whenever the mug is used for the first time, regardless of  time of day, the mug will expire for that day at midnight.
– Can the current water park mug be used in resorts? 
No. The current water park mug is only valid in water parks, with no resort add-on option. However, Guests soon  will be able to add a water park option for their mug.
– Can Guests purchase a Resort Rapid Fill mug anywhere at Walt Disney World Resort? 
Resort Rapid Fill mugs may only be purchased at Walt Disney World Resort hotels with self-service beverage  stations.
– If a Guest prefers not to purchase the Rapid Fill mug, can they purchase a regular mug instead?
The Rapid Fill mugs will be the only refillable mugs available at this time. Guests may choose to purchase
nonrefillable paper cups for their drinks if they prefer.
– Can mugs be microwaved?
No, the mug cannot be microwaved.
– What is the price of the Rapid Fill mug?
The prices of the mugs vary based on Guest preference for number of days for refills, as follows:
  • $8.99 for 1 day
  • $11.99 for 2 days
  • $14.99 for 3 days
  • $17.99 for length of stay (4+ days)

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New Limited Time Disney Vacation Benefit for Disneyland Resort Guests

Book a Walt Disney Travel Company Vacation Package this fall and you’ll receive a special Vinylmation™ Figure! For a limited time, Disneyland® Resort Guests who travel on a Walt Disney Travel Company Vacation Package to Disneyland Resort between Sept. 1 – Nov. 25, 2012 will receive one Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” 3’’ Vinylmation Figure.*

Vinylmation Figures are collectible designer toys, shaped like Mickey Mouse, that represent a variety of Disney attractions, movies and stories, or showcase edgy, graphic focused art. This particular series features characters from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

You’ll receive a voucher for one Vinylmation Figure in your Vacation Package documents, which can be redeemed at the World of Disney® Store at Downtown Disney® District. Guests are welcome to participate in Vinylmation trading at any Disneyland Resort merchandise location that sells Vinylmation items. Please refer to the voucher for additional information regarding Vinylmation Trading.

*One (1) Vinylmation(TM) Figure per package, as designated by Disney, while supplies last. Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” Vinylmation™ Figures will vary. Subject to restrictions and change without notice. For packages with arrivals between 9/1/12 through 11/25/12. Walt Disney Travel Company CST# 1022229-50

Disneyland Resort Guests are About to ‘Glow With the Show’ at ‘Fantasmic!’

UPDATE: The first “Glow With the Show” performance of “Fantasmic!” for Disneyland park guests will be August 31. 

This summer, guests at Disney California Adventure park have been surprised and delighted by the ways in which the new “Glow With the Show” Ears magically interact with everything from “World of Color” to Mad T Party and more. Reaction to the “Glow With the Show” Ears has been so positive, the team is already working to expand the magic at the Disneyland Resort.


I’m happy to tell you that you’ll soon be able to “Glow With the Show” during “Fantasmic!” at Disneyland park. Imagine experiencing this classic nighttime spectacular in a whole new way – shimmering with the lights of romance as Disney’s royal couples drift by or becoming part of a virtual sea of flames when Maleficent sets the river on fire.

You’ll be able to get glowing with “Fantasmic!” later this month – stay tuned to the Kingdom Magic Blog for more updates.

Wildlife Wednesdays: Ready, Set, Go! Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Sea turtle nesting season (May to October) is a hubbub of activity at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and the past couple of weeks have been no exception. In today’s blog post, I’m excited to share news on Cinderella the sea turtle’s nest and this year’s Tour de Turtles, as well as an amazing video of hatchlings emerging from their nest and heading to the sea.

Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

The race is on in Tour de Turtles. Last Saturday morning, more than 500 Disney’s Vero Beach Resort guests cheered as two loggerhead sea turtles, who had laid their eggs on the beach the night before, returned to the sea. The turtles were fitted with satellite transmitters and released on the beach near the resort as part of the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s annual Tour de Turtles event. The first turtle to swim the farthest will be declared the winner. The turtles are named after characters in the Disney•Pixar film “Finding Nemo.” Peach is sponsored byDisney’s Animal Programs and Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and Pearl is sponsored by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Friends for Change.

Researchers from Disney’s Animal Programs and the Sea Turtle Conservancy will track the sea turtles using satellite telemetry as they travel from their nesting beach to various feeding grounds. Using this technology, scientists learn about sea turtles’ habits at sea and the different migratory patterns of each species. This knowledge helps researchers, conservationists and governing agencies make more informed decisions about sea turtle conservation actions and policies. Guests can find out about this research and follow the tracks of the turtles when they visit the Wildlife Tracking Center in Rafiki’s Planet Watch at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. People worldwide can view the sea turtles’ progress online at

Sea Turtles Race to the Ocean at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Readers of the Disney Parks Blog will remember that a June 6 blog post told the story of Cinderella the sea turtle, who came up on the beach very late one night (after midnight, hence the name Cinderella) near Disney’s Vero Beach Resort to lay her eggs. I promised to provide an update on the nest to report on how many hatchlings emerged. Cinderella’s nest is one of hundreds that Disney’s Animal Programs cast members monitor during sea turtle nesting season at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. Cast members are marking new sea turtle nests daily, as well as monitoring existing nests until they hatch. Well, it was quite a summer for Cinderella’s nest. In late May, Tropical Storm Beryl washed over the nest. In early June, a large ghost crab took up residence a few feet from the nest, but, fortunately, didn’t do any digging at the nest site. In late June, Tropical Storm Debby washed over the nest. Sea turtle nests are quite vulnerable to tropical storms and hurricanes, as they are likely to be inundated with water, which can harm the eggs. Cast members monitoring Cinderella’s nest in early July found a leatherback sea turtle hatchling that had been caught up in fishing line washed up on the beach. They freed the hatchling from the fishing line and released it at night, when it was cooler and the hatchling would be safer from predators.

Cinderella the sea turtle

Finally, in late July, the eggs in Cinderella’s nest hatched. We inventoried the nest, and she had a total of 121 eggs in the nest — 55 hatched and 66 didn’t. Why the low number of hatchlings? Well, Tropical Storm Debby seemed to have had an effect on her nest; she laid her nest in an area that received a lot of wave action over her nest, but still those 55 hatchlings made it to the ocean. That same day we inventoried another nest that was laid in the sand above Cinderella’s nest, and it had 123 eggs, of which 118 hatched and only 5 didn’t. Here is some video footage taken with special night vision equipment of hatchlings emerging from the nest. As for the hatchlings, you can see that we were very careful not to interfere with their ability to reach the ocean safely. We are excited to share this video of one of nature’s most amazing wonders. Enjoy!


Did you know?

  • In “Finding Nemo,” “Peach” is a starfish and “Pearl” is an octopus.
  • In the Tour de Turtles, each turtle acts as an ambassador to raise awareness about a specific threat to sea turtles. Peach is raising awareness about the threat of light pollution on the beach. Since sea turtle hatchlings rely on moonlight to find their way to the ocean, many become disoriented and drawn off-course by artificial light sources. Pearl is raising awareness about the threat of entanglement. Turtles can become tangled in trash and nets, and drown.
  • Each year, approximately 50,000 female sea turtles lay their eggs on Florida beaches, making the state’s beaches one of the most important nesting areas in the world. Sea turtles are among the oldest creatures on earth and have remained essentially unchanged for 110 million years. In the United States, as much as 90 percent of sea turtle nesting occurs in Florida, which serves as a primary nesting site for several species of endangered and threatened sea turtles.
  • Guests visiting Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at Epcot can adopt a sea turtle nest. And, of course, people can help turtles year-round by taking action to reduce waste, save water and keep it clean, and reduce emissions.

Why Stay at a Walt Disney World Owned and Operated Hotel?

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Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort

For many guests, the benefit of staying at a Walt Disney World owned-and-operated resort begins before arrival at the Vacation Kingdom.  And for all guests, the benefits and perks combine to make vacation magic 24 hours a day – whether at a Disney Value Resort designed for budget-minded vacationers … or at a Disney Deluxe Resort or Deluxe Villa offering lavish amenities.

Disney POP Century ResortDisney resort hotels are designed to provide a lot more than a pillow beneath guests’ heads.  They are created to immerse guests in a continuation of the worry-free vacation magic and adventures of the Disney parks.  Thus the hotels have themes celebrating the long ago or the far away or even the world of imagination where toys can be bigger than people.


Walt Disney World Resort offers a broad range of accommodations – more than 20 resorts that vary in price, allowing guests to pay for only the amenities that are important to them.  Disney Value resort guests are treated to larger-than-life theming, swimming pools and playgrounds, arcade rooms and standard amenities – and with more than 8,000 rooms at four resorts, about one-third of Disney’s hotel accommodations fall into the Value category.  Families who prefer the great outdoors can rent a campsite at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground (with nearly 800 available) and either pitch a tent or bring along an RV.  Moderate resorts, Deluxe resorts and Deluxe Villa resorts are available for guests who prefer additional amenities during their stay.

Consistent among all of the Disney owned-and-operated hotels is staff trained in the Disney way of friendly helpfulness.  Also consistent: perks and benefits that add value to the vacation experience.  Here’s a look at some of the reasons why Disney hotels are so popular with vacationers:

Disney Polynesian ResortTOP FOUR BENEFITS
Disney’s Magical Express – When guests bound for Disney owned-and-operated hotels are traveling via commercial airline to Orlando International Airport (OIA), they can arrange for special luggage tags that allow them to check their bags at their hometown airport, bypass baggage claim at OIA and board state-of-the-art motor coaches for complimentary transportation to the Vacation Kingdom, where their bags “magically” appear in their guestroom.  When it’s time to say good-bye, guests board motor coaches for complimentary transportation back to OIA.  An extra convenience: Guests traveling on participating airlines can check their baggage for the return flight at their Disney resort, saving time and luggage-toting at the airport.
Walt Disney World Transportation System – A Walt Disney World resort ID is the ticket for buses, monorails and boat launches that combine to connect virtually all areas of the Vacation Kingdom.  With the convenience of “door-to-door” service throughout the resort, many guests enjoy their Walt Disney World vacation without a car.
Extra Magic Hours – Each day, Disney hotel guests are offered exclusive time in a Walt Disney World theme park one hour prior to scheduled park opening or for up to three hours after park closing. The park varies from day to day. In addition, Disney water parks sometimes open one hour early for guests of Disney hotels. To take advantage of the additional time in the parks, guests must have their hotel ID plus a Magic Your Way ticket valid for the park(s) offering Extra Magic Hours.
Disney Dining Plan – Guests who combine their hotel accommodations and attractions tickets into a Magic Your Way Package are eligible to add dining for the convenience of a more-inclusive “cruise-style” vacation package.  In 2011, there are three plan choices to satisfy different budgets and appetites.  All include at least two meals and a snack for each night of a Disney resort stay.  Savings and restaurant choices vary.

Disney Fort Wilderness Campfire Chip and Dale

Location, location, location – With their on-property location convenient to the theme parks, the Disney hotels are a haven for guests who seek a midday swimming break – or a siesta.  For some guests, the convenience is even more specific…
Many families with young children select accommodations in one of the “monorail resorts” – Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.  Reason: location near Magic Kingdom and convenient monorail transportation between the resorts and Magic Kingdom or Epcot.
Many adult couples visiting without children enjoy the proximity to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios of Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s BoardWalk – as well as the nightlife of Disney’s BoardWalk.  Walkways and water taxis connect the three resorts with the theme parks.
Theming – It’s not just a room.  In the same way that Disney’s theme parks offer an escape to a timeless land of enchantment, a walk down small-town Main Street or a peek at the future, Disney hotels offer a mix of adventures.  Disney Imagineers have created detailed, themed environments that include the romance and beauty of Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to Victorian opulence at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.
Youth policy – Guests 17 and under stay at no additional charge in parents’ rooms (up to the designated capacity of the room) at Disney resort hotels.
Youth services and facilities – All Disney resort hotels offer in-room child care for ages 6 months to 12 years in partnership with independent childcare provider Kid’s Nite Out; all Disney hotels feature kiddie pools (in addition to full-size pools), many have playgrounds and some have Child Activity Centers for ages 3 to 12.
Online check-in – Guests can take care of the paperwork that normally accompanies check-in … in the comfort of their home up to 10 days before their visit. Upon arrival at their hotel, guests then stop by a special desk, show ID, sign, pick up their room keys and information packet, and begin enjoying their vacation.
Lobby concierge – One call can do it all.  Each Disney resort hotel offers a lobby concierge to arrange park tickets, dining reservations and tee times, and to provide helpful hints on setting up other activities.
Key to the World card – It’s a hotel room key and much more.  Magic Your Way theme park tickets and Disney Dining Plan entitlements can be built into the card.  For easy tracking and convenience, the card also can be used to charge meals, goods and services directly to the room, giving the guest a consolidated statement of vacation purchases.
Merchandise delivery – Purchases at select shops throughout Walt Disney World Resort can be delivered to the guest’s Disney hotel at no charge, allowing the guest to play without lugging packages around the parks.
Exemption from parking fees at the theme parks – By presenting a resort ID, guests enter parking lots for free no matter how many parks they visit during their stay.
“Bottomless” drinking mug – Quenching a vacation-long thirst is easy at Disney’s resorts.  Guests can purchase a mug themed to their resort that will become a keepsake when the holiday ends.  During their length of stay, they can continually refill the mug at designated locations at their resort.
Preferred tee times– Disney hotel guests get preferred tee times for Disney’s four championship golf courses – including two courses that are part of PGA TOUR tradition, having hosted professional events from the early 1970s to the present.
Transportation to “the tees” – Golfing guests at Disney owned-and-operated hotelshave complimentary door-to-door transportation between their resort and Walt Disney World golf facilities.


57 Disney Resort Pools Offer Splashtastic Fun

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Coronado PoolWalt Disney World Resort guests can choose from 57 sparkling pools among the 24 themed resort hotels

At Walt Disney World Resort there’s no shortage of waterful fun for the entire family. An array of festive splash areas at each resort, featuring themed pools, waterslides, whirlpools and kiddie pools invite guests to blissfully drench and refresh themselves.

In the same way that Disney’s theme parks offer an escape to a timeless land of enchantment, pools at Deluxe, Deluxe Villa, Moderate, and Value resorts transport guests to faraway and distinct paradises. Guests can cool off in a New England yacht club, amidst a Mayan city, at a lush oasis in the Polynesian tropics or other faraway destinations, all in the heart of Florida.

What are you waiting for? C’mon in, the water’s fine…



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