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Week 7 of Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival With Travel With Rick

Join Rick and Amanda Tinney as they enjoy the Craft Beers, Hops and Barley, Scotland, and Desserts and Champagne Marketplaces, the final booths for this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.


  • Craft Beers Marketplace – :44
  • Hops and Barley – 12:39
  • Scotland Marketplace – 22:58
  • Desserts and Champagne Marketplace – 31:49

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Four Must-Visit Places In Scotland

From mist shrouded mountains and lush rolling hills, to picturesque rivers and stunning beaches, Scotland is arguably one of the most breathtaking places in the world. It is also a land of castles, rich history,cultural heritage, and home to Princess Merida from Pixar’s Brave.  With so many destination options to choose from in Scotland, here is a list of the top 4 must-visit places to get you started.


Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and a great place to start your Scottish adventure. This historic city is home to world famous attractions like the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, and the splendid Holyrood Palace. It also boasts a busy calendar of cultural events, with most festivals taking place in the summer (August to early September). For thrill seekers, scaling Arthur’s Seat (an extinct volcano) to see the sun setting over the city is well worth the effort. History and architectural buffs will fall in love with Edinburgh’s architectural landscape, where modern and ancient structures rub shoulders in a uniquely Scottish atmosphere. Gothic churches and medieval places line the city streets in the old town while the new town exudes a modern ambiance with its Georgian grandeur.


Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and boasts of having been crowned the European titles of City of Culture and City of Architecture and Design. Lavish Victorian and Edwardian buildings remain standing to this day in the city centre. You can choose to explore the many galleries, museums and restaurants that are scattered all across Glasgow. There are also many green spaces and parks that offer a peaceful retreat from the busy surrounding streets.


Isle of Skye
Touted for having some of the best coastal views in the UK, Isle of Skye is a Mecca for beach lovers. It is one of the most frequented isles among Scotland’s Hebrides Islands. From sandy beaches with soaring mountains in the backdrop, to windswept moorlands, the island’s landscape leaves most visitors awestruck. Rock climbers and hikers can take on adventurous trips on the Cuillin Hill Mountains. In addition, Isle of Skye is home to abundant wildlife as well as a vibrant culture and heritage.


Nestled in the Western Highlands, Glencoe is Scotland’s most scenic mountain valley. Loch (lake) Laven faces the glen (valley), which is overshadowed by the peaks of the Three Sister mountain range. If you are the adventurous type, take on an epic hike through the Lost Valley, or scale one of the many mountains in Glencoe. For an easy climb, ride the Glencoe Chairlift, which takes you from the valley floor up to 2,200 feet in just 12 minutes. People of all ages can enjoy this ride as they soar above the waterfalls and take in panoramic views of Rannoch Moor.

These four must visit destinations of Scotland are just a tip of the iceberg. Scotland has a lot more to offer so much so that you could spend a whole year in this destination and not see everything. With these four destinations, why not start planning a memorable trip and get to see the best of Scotland today?

Adventures by Disney even has a tour of Scotland based off Pixar’s Brave so you can experience that land of Princess Merida for yourself!

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