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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

“Welcome to a kingdom of animals ... real, ancient and imagined:”
Animal Kingdom Dedication Plague

This 500-acre theme park is the largest of the Walt Disney World theme parks, however it is not size alone that sets it apart from the others. Lush landscaping, winding paths, beautiful gardens, mysterious and exotic architecture and over a 1,000 animals all give guests the sense that you have entered more than just another theme park.

Animal Kingdom Map

The Animal Kingdom opened in April of 1998 to some disapproval, controversy and even debate over whether a zoo no matter how nontraditional in design was worthy of Disney. Those initial criticisms have in part faded due to the collaborative efforts of Disney Imagineers along with some of the premiere zoological talent in the country who have turned out not only some unique and enjoyable attractions, but also some first class natural animal habitat exhibits.

Most of the Animal Kingdom’s services are located just past the turnstiles and in Safari Village.
Included here is a list of those services.

Baby Changing/Nursing
Located near Creature Comforts on Discovery Island.

Baby Strollers
Rentals and replacements available near Main Entrance.

ATM is located near Main Entrance.

Credit Cards
Visa is a proud sponsor of the Walt Disney World Resort. Also accepted are traveler's checks, cash, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, and The Disney Credit Card.

General Information
Located at Guest Relations near Main Entrance. Just on you’re left as you pass through the turnstiles.

Guest Relations
Located near Main Entrance. Headquarters for services for international Guests, ticket upgrades, dining assistance separated Guest assistance, Sign Language information and additional services for Guests with disabilities. Collectable Disney Dollars are available for purchase in limited-edition designs.

First Aid
Located in Safari Village.

Located near Main Entrance

Lost & Found
Located at Guest Relations near Main Entrance.

Lost Persons
Guest Relations Baby Center in Safari Village.

Package Pickup
Located near Main Entrance. Your package may be picked up three hours after purchase as you exit the Park or delivered to your Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Parent/Guardian Switch (Baby Swap)
Guests with young children may take turns experiencing attractions. See a Cast Member for additional information.

Readmission Policy
If you must leave the park and plan to return the same the same day please remember to keep your ticket as you will not be admitted without it.

For the comfort of Disney Guests, smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Please look for the smoking symbols for specific smoking areas. click here for more details

Storage Locker Rental
Just on you’re left as you pass through the turnstiles

  • Large Locker: $7.00 per day plus a $5.00 key deposit which is refunded when the key is returned
  • Small Locker: $5.00 per day plus a $5.00 key deposit which is refunded when the key is returned
  • Key must be turned in within an hour of the park closing
  • Key operated lockers can be accessed as often as you like

Additional lockers at the International Gate

Disney Note: Lockers are cleared out daily after park closing.
Disney Tip: If you are park hopping see attendant before you leave for a receipt for your locker and you won’t have to pay a deposit at your next stop (same day rental).
Stroller Rental
For your convenience, strollers are available for rent. Quantities are limited and subject to availability. The stroller rental fee is $10.00 per day* for a single-passenger stroller and $18.00 per day for a double-passenger stroller**.
For Guests who require a stroller rental for multiple days, we offer a Length of Stay rental ticket where you make a one-time payment transaction for as many days of rental that you will need. Single-passenger strollers are available for $8.00* per day and double-passenger strollers** for $16.00 per day. Upon visiting a Theme Park, simply show your receipt at the stroller rental location and you will be expedited through the queue with little or no wait time.

Wheelchair Rental
For your convenience, limited rentals are available for Guests with disabilities. Wheelchair and Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV) rentals are available for a fee of $10.00* for Wheelchairs and $35.00 ‡ for ECVs with a refundable deposit of $5.00. Quantities are limited and subject to availability. Also, ask for the Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities, and visit the Guest with Disabilities section of this site.
For Guests who require a wheelchair rental for multiple days, we offer a Length of Stay rental ticket where you make a one-time payment transaction for as many days of rental that you will need. Wheelchairs are available for $8.00* per day. Upon visiting a Theme Park, simply show your receipt at the stroller rental location and you will be expedited through the queue with little or no wait time.

Disney Tip: If you are park hopping return your stroller or wheelchair and present your receipt at your next stop and receive a replacement stroller or wheelchair (same day rental).
  • The Oasis Exhibits
    Enter the lush tropical garden filled with exotic animals. This is your pathway to a whole world of adventure. Unwind as you enter this tropical oasis of Eden-like flora and fauna rich with cooling waterfalls and meandering streams. This idyllic setting sets the stage for your day. Look for the giant anteater, exotic boar, Hyacinth Macaw and many, many more amazing animals. From here all paths lead to adventure. To think of the Oasis simply in the same terms of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Boulevard in Disney-Hollywood Studios, although partially accurate really does not do it justice. Yes it serves to direct guest towards the center of the park and onto the various lands and attractions, and for many that is all it does. Yet for those who take the opportunity to do a little exploring it can also delight, entertain and even invite you to approach your day at The Animal Kingdom differently than you might at the other Disney theme parks. You can choose from more than one of its beautifully landscaped pathways complete with lush greenery, streams, waterfalls and even an early morning midst that covers the ground. During your journey you will be afforded a glimpse of what awaits you. Natural-habitat exhibits that are home to a wide variety of animals line these pathways that serve as more than just sidewalks to Safari Village.
Disney Tip: If you need to take a break after the end of your long day at the park, the Oasis offers many shady benches that make great spots for relaxing.

Get your cameras ready. As you exit the Oasis there is a terrific picture-taking opportunity of the Tree of Life.

Don't forget to look down. You'll notice leaf and animal paw prints appropriate to each area.

Disney Trivia: This attraction opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998.

  • The Oasis Dining

    • Rainforest Café
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
      Cuisine: American

      Theme park admission NOT required

      Go wild in a family restaurant with cascading waterfalls, erupting volcanoes, animated jungle creatures, thunder, lightning and outstanding food. Full service bar available.

  • Camp Minnie-Mickey Attractions

    • Character Greeting Trails
      Make your visit to Disney's Animal Kingdom complete by stopping by Camp Minnie-Mickey to commune with your favorite Disney pals. Choose which Character you would like to visit and pose for snaps with the gang. They're the "biggest characters" in the animal kingdom! Taking a page out of the Toontown Hall of Fame at the Magic Kingdom younger guests are treated to not one but four character greeting areas. These four separate greeting areas are named Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Brother Bear.
    Disney Tip: Be sure and check your Times Guide for hours.

    Meet Mickey and Minnie while you are waiting for the Festival of the Lion King or Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends showtimes.

    Character photos may be picked up near the front of the park at Garden Gate Gifts.

    Don't forget your autograph books.

  • Camp Minnie-Mickey Entertainment

    • Festival of the Lion King
      Plunge right into the middle of the action in this cleverly staged in-the-round production featuring songs from the film and a cast of familiar faces, including Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Combining the pageantry of a parade with all the excitement of a tribal celebration, this is a lavish, high energy spectacle created through song, dance and specialty performances. Live stage show production that borrows songs from the popular Disney animated classic, but it doesn’t stop there. Singers, dancers, acrobats and a good portion of crowd participation all combine to make this quite possibly the best offering to be found at the Animal Kingdom.
    Disney Tip: This show is very popular, so early arrival helps to ensure getting a seat.

    Get in on the action by interacting with Cast Members when they ask for group participation.

    With its newly enclosed theater, Festival of the Lion King is a great place to cool off.

    Disney Trivia: The Festival of the Lion King was crowned the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader's Choice Award winner for Favorite Walt Disney World Resort Show!

    "The Lion King" borrows certain elements from Shakespeare's Hamlet, including the storyline of a young prince whose uncle takes over a kingdom after murdering the king.

    "The Lion King" is the best-selling home video of all time!

    There are approximately 136 costumes that are worn by the cast of the show.

    • Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends
      Go on a quest with Pocahontas and her animal friends in this intimate musical stage show. The Native American princess seeks the advice of Grandmother Willow when her forest is threatened. Pocahontas' quest leads her to commune with many live critters on stage in this show that is a delight for young and old. During this live stage show Pocahontas leads a cast of real animals and Audio-Animatronic props all telling the story of mans need to protect the natural world. A combination of being a little heavy on message and a little light on entertainment makes this an attraction that can be a hit or miss depending on your expectation.
    Disney Tip: There is a seating area in the front for youngsters.

    Arrive early for the best seating.
    Disney Trivia: This attraction opened in the Spring of 2002.
    Come celebrate Disney's fascination with dinosaurs in the most fossilized area of the Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Since first reading Bob Sehlingers description of Dinoland U.S.AA in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World I have continued to see this land as an elaborate tribute to the early Florida roadside attractions like Gatorland or Gooney Golf. Granted it is home to a headline attraction and a really first rate stage show nevertheless I still find myself looking around for the worlds largest ball of string.

  • DinoLand U.S.A. Attractions

    • Cretaceous Trail
      Enjoy a lush, shady, relaxing and surprising walking tour amidst plant and animal survivors that have outlived the dinosaurs. Play with a Pachycephalosaur, encounter living animal species that have survived since prehistoric times and discover fossil dig sites!
    Disney Trivia: The soft-shell turtle is one of the Earth's oldest animal species.

    Crocodiles descended from psuedosuchians who walked on their hind legs and lived during the late Triassic period.

    South American Seriema are derived from the giant, flightless birds who inhabited the Pleistocene Epoch.

      Whoosh back to primeval times for a wild ride of an expedition to complete your dangerous mission. The clock is ticking on your Time Rover and you have mere minutes to rescue a stray dinosaur. Beware the hungry clutches of one large meat-eating predator and the devastating power of an impending asteroid! It's fast. It's a blast! It's in the past! Disney Imagineers obviously worked overtime and employed every special effect in the book during their design of this motion-simulator/track ride. I have encountered mixed reviews from those I spoke with regarding this attraction. Some love it and can’t wait for another crack at traveling back to prehistoric time to rescue a soon to be extinct dinosaur, while others declare it to be too intense and have decided that if Dino doesn’t make it back tough luck.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 40 inches / 102 cm
      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Trivia: DINOSAUR was developed at the same time as the movie and actually debuted prior to the animated film.

    This attraction originally opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom April 22, 1998 under another name: Countdown to Extinction.

    • Dino-Sue
      Visit Disney's oldest "cast" member, clocking in at 67 million years. Dino-Sue is a painstaking reproduction of the largest, most complete T-Rex ever found! The length of a four-story building, the mighty T-Rex is available to pose for pictures with you at the Dino institute. It's fossiliferous!
    Disney Trivia: Disney, McDonald's and the Chicago's Field Museum purchased the skeleton at public auction in 1997 with financial support from Walt Disney World Resort, McDonald's Corporation, the California State University system, and private individuals.

    Members of the team from the Chicago Field Museum did much of their restoration work on-stage in DinoLand U.S.A.

    • Fossil Fun Games
      Erupting with fun, these dinosaur-themed games offer a good time for everyone. Whether you are wowed by the nostalgic past of a carnival or by the distant prehistoric past, these games are a total blast from the past! A collection of “carnival” or “Boardwalk” style games with a prehysterical dino twist
    Disney Note: There is a separate charge to play each of these fun-filled games.
    Disney Tip: Don't miss: Comet Crasher, a goblet toss game; Fossil Fueler, a water-squirt game themed to a prehistoric gas station; and Bronto-Score, a basketball game.

    Like at the carnival games of yesteryear, you can win great prizes.

    Disney Trivia: Don't worry about harming the Pachycephalosaurus. The name translates to "thick headed lizard."

    • Primeval Whirl
      Take a whirl into prehistory in one of these spinning time machines that are part of the zany fun fair of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama! Thrill to the sudden dips, hairpin turns and tight curves of this rollicking coaster. Each colorful car spins independently so you never know how things will "turn" out! It's the best time you've had in ages. A roller coaster that spins is our description of this one and that will at least begin to help you get some idea of this the newest attraction to be added to the park. The dinosaur theming continues to “pop up” as your car slips, slides and spins along the track.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches / 122 cm
      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Tip: Don't forget to read the time traveling messages: "Time's up!", "The end is near!", and "Older than dirt!"
    Disney Trivia: "Pocahontas" is the first Disney animated film inspired by actual historic events.

    • The Boneyard
      Slip, slide, slither and slosh through a play maze filled with fun fossils. "Exploration. Excavation. Exultation." is the motto of the Dino Institute and nowhere is this truer than here. Would-be paleontologists young and old play amidst a world of dinosaur discoveries like a Triceratops, T-Rex and Wooly Mammoth. Frolic among the fossils! A large and elaborate playground designed to resemble an archeological dig. Very entertaining for younger children and a nice opportunity for parents to take a break.
    Disney Tip: Bring an extra set of clothing for youngsters who enjoy playing in the water.

    For the real dinosaur fan, notice factual debates about the true nature of dinosaurs that are presented in writing on kiosks throughout the play area.

    Listen for the fun chatter and playlist of college radio station W-DIG.

    Disney Trivia: This attraction opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998.

    "Exploration. Excavation. Exultation." is the motto of the Dino Institute.

    • TriceraTop Spin
      Take the family for a spin aboard this whirling, twirling, friendly flying dinosaur. Climb into one of these four-person dino vehicles and spin 'round, up and down. Expect a dino-sized surprise for kids rising from the giant tin top at the hub of it all. It's an experience that can't be "topped!" Board a friendly Triceratops dinosaur and move up, down and around as the entire ride magically transforms into a giant spinning toy top. Watch for those flying comets!
    Disney Tip: The best time to visit DinoLand U.S.A. is in the morning. Plan to make it one of your first stops.
    Disney Trivia: This attraction opened in November of 2001.

    Triceratops means "three horned face."

  • DinoLand U.S.A. Dining

    • Donald’s Breakfastosaurus
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Cuisine: American (Buffett)
      Meals served:
      Recommended: Breakfast

      Theme park admission required
      Priority seating suggested

      This is a character breakfast buffet with an all-you-care-to eat selection of eggs, pancakes, waffles, breakfast meats, fresh fruits and beverages. Donald, Mickey Pluto and Goofy join guests each morning.

    Disney Tip: Consider making your priority seating for 10:00am or 10:15am. Arrive early at the park take in some of the more popular attractions. Then just before you head to Donald’s grab a fast pass to be used after breakfast for an attraction like Dinosaur or It’s Tough to Be a Bug.

    • Restaurantosaurus McDonalds ®
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served: L, D
      Cuisine: American
      Theme park admission required

      Drop by this dinosaur-dig-adjacent restaurant that is a great place to enjoy some truly "dig"-licious hamburgers and French fries.
       Discovery Island
    After emerging from the Oasis guests will be surrounded by African architecture beautifully made up in bright and bold colors. Guests will find a collection of shops, restaurants and some guests’ services. This African village sits at the base of the parks icon the 14-story Tree of Life. The Tree of Life much like the Castle in the Magic Kingdom can be thought of as the hub for the spoke and wheel layout of the park.

    How do I get to . . .
    A collection of five bridges lead away from Discovery Island including the one that deposits guests from The Oasis. Depending on which bridge they choose guests can either find themselves headed to Africa, Asia, Dinoland U.S.A., Camp Minnie-Mickey, or back to The Oasis.

  • Discovery Island Attractions

    • Discovery Island Trails
      Saunter through these sumptuous garden pathways for glimpses of hilarious animal antics and captivating critters. Have face-to-face encounters with Galapagos tortoises, lemurs, cotton-top tamarin monkeys and other fascinating creatures.
    Disney Tip: If you have binoculars handy, they are useful in helping spot all the animals carved into the Tree of Life.

    The Discovery Island Trails offer a quiet get away when you need a place to relax.

    The Discovery Island Trails can be approached from a number of different directions and can be enjoyed in any sequence.

    Be sure to have your camera ready for animal close-ups.

    Disney Trivia: There are over 4,000 varieties of trees and plants in Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

    • It’s Tough to Be a Bug
      See the world through a bug's eyes as you peek into the hilarious and dazzling 3-D world of amazing and amusing insects as they astound you with a one-of-a-kind stage show. Laugh at the fun and startling in-theater effects like overhead giant spiders! The only thing that will "bug" you is if you miss it! A very funny 3-D film with a cast of millions. The films storyline is a brief and entertaining look into the world of insects and their take on the world. A wide variety of visual and tactical special effects are employed to add a creepy touch to the film.
    Disney Note: May be frightening to preschool age children.
    Disney Trivia: There are approximately 1,032,000 animal species known to science, of which 750,000 are insects.

    Disney/Pixar's "A Bug's Life" was the first widescreen computer animated feature.

    • The Tree of Life
      Marvel at this 14-story masterpiece sculpted by more than a dozen artisans. The 50-foot wide tree is the centerpiece of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The swirling tapestry of 325 animal carvings creates a staggering spectacle that is truly a sight to behold! It’s sheer size alone sets it apart from most of what you will see for the rest of the day, but it is only when you begin to approach it do you really begin to appreciate its beauty and splendor.
    Disney Tip: If you have binoculars handy, they are useful in helping spot all the animals carved into the Tree of Life.

    For a great picture of the Tree of Life, stop on the bridge between the Oasis and Discovery Island.

    Disney Trivia: This tree is one of the few artificial trees among over 4 million living plants at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

    Ten artists and three Imagineers worked full-time for 18 months to create the 325 animal carvings on The Tree of Life.

  • Discovery Island Dining

    • Flame Tree Barbeque
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served:
      Lunch, Dinner
      Recommended: Lunch
      Cuisine: American
      Theme park admission required
      Priority seating not necessary

      Freshly smoked meats, sandwiches and salads available at this counter service restaurant. Try dining on the riverside of this restaurant for a quite and relaxing break from the crowds.

    • Pizzafari
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served: Lunch, Dinner
      Cuisine: American
      Theme park admission required

      Round out your day at this counter-service restaurant featuring individual pizzas fresh from the oven and scrumptious sandwiches. It's a taste trek to savor.
    Guests passing through the village of Harambe will be exposed to a collection of shops and restaurants, as make their way to the parks largest and most ambitious natural animal exhibit.

  • Africa Attractions

    • Kilimanjaro Safaris
      Climb aboard your open-sided safari vehicle for an exciting expedition for the entire family. Animals from Africa freely roam through acres of savannah, rivers and rocky hills. Look out for giraffes, hippos, elephants, rhinos, lions and poachers too! A combination of Disney Imagineering and simply one of the best natural animal habitats around makes this a must see for the entire family. Have your camera ready as your vehicle will pass by (in some cases right next to) wildebeests, impalas, Thomson gazelles, zebra, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and lions.

      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Note: Although animals are typically more active in mornings and during cooler weather, Kilimanjaro Safaris has great animal viewing in both the morning and afternoon.
    Disney Tip: If you have a large group with more than one camera, sit on opposite sides of the safari vehicle to catch all of the action.

    Always keep your cameras ready as animals roam freely throughout the reserve and you never know when a terrific picture-taking opportunity may present itself.

    Disney Trivia: This is the largest attraction at any Disney theme park.

    • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail
      Trek into the forest in search of gorillas! Along the way, enjoy a nature walk through a verdant African valley filled with Nile hippos, birds and fish. Enter an exotic bird aviary, an underwater hippo viewing area, a savannah overlook, and have an intimate up-close encounter with a magnificent troop of gorillas. This walk through attraction is packed with guests, no I mean animals, actually I mean animals and guests. The entrance to this attraction is very near the exit of Kilimanjaro Safari, which means many who are disembarking from their safari will naturally be drawn to the trail. If you are lucky enough to catch this one on a slow day or smart enough to plan to visit during the early morning or later afternoon you will be richly rewarded. This attraction is home to a couple of troops of gorillas whose habitat is so well designed that you will be hard pressed to discern the barrier that separates them from you. Also on the trail guests will see a hippo pool with an under water viewing area; a naked mole exhibit (don’t worry everything at Disney is PG); a group or pack (I'm not sure what you call it) of hyenas; and a remarkable exotic bird aviary that is designed to allow guests to feel as though they have joined these creatures in the wild. This is really a not to be missed attraction just a shame that Disney bypassed traffic control on this one.
    Disney Tip: Wear comfortable shoes.
    Disney Trivia: The aptly named Pangani means "place of enchantment" in Swahili.

    Male gorillas may weigh as much as 500 lbs. But can still do one arm pull-ups with ease.

    When scouting for animals, watch for signs of critters — like nests, tracks and trails.

  • Africa Dining

    • Tusker House Restaurant
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served:
      Character Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
      Cuisine: American
      (note: Characters make an appearance for Breakfast only)
      Theme Park admission required
      Priority seating is necessary

      Donald’s Safari Breakfast
      “Awaken the Day” with your favorite Disney Characters at Donald’s Safari Breakfast. All-you-care-to-enjoy Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, and honey-glazed ham along with unique and flavorful dishes with an African influence.

      Tusker House Lunch and Dinner (non-character dining)
      Home of the very best food in Harambe. All-you-care-to-enjoy spit-roasted carved meats, unique salads, creative vegetarian offerings, hearty stews, and delicious desserts – all with an African touch! Plus a special kid’s buffet sized for the little travelers.

      Specialties include: Marinated Vegetable Sandwich, Grilled Chicken Sandwich served w/ potato wedges, 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables.
    Journey backstage for a look at how the Animal Kingdom care for animals. You'll witness their commitment to conservation and see what you can do to help as well.

  • Rafiki's Planet Watch Attractions

    • Affection Section
      Don't be shy! Enjoy this delightful animal encounter with goats, sheep, pigs, chicken, llamas and more. Watch for special guest appearances by some of the park's friendlier animals. This is a great way to help little ones begin to "open their eyes to the world around them." Come here to get up close and personal with friendly animals in this shaded petting yard.
    Disney Tip: Don't forget your cameras but keep an eye on them!

    If you would like help learning how to properly brush the animals, ask one of the animal experts who are always happy to assist you.

    Disney Trivia: The animals have independent pens for sleeping at night with heaters, fans and lighting.

    • Conservation Station
      At trail's end, the discovery has just begun as you visit the center of Disney efforts to promote wildlife conservation awareness. Inside, there is a whole herd of wild animal experiences, interactive games and fun-filled shows. See animals up close in this rare behind-the-scenes adventure! Welcome to the hub of our global conservation involvement. Here, you'll learn interesting facts about animal habitats around the world. You'll even get a peek at animal research, veterinary care and food preparation.
    Disney Tip: Don't miss the nearby Affection Section.
    Disney Trivia: Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park is proud to be fully accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Our experts in veterinary medicine, animal surgery, and nutrition are happy to share stories and answer questions. Don't be afraid to ask!

    World-famous animal expert Jane Goodall offered her insight as an advisor during the development of Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

    This attraction opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998.

    • Habitat Habit!
      See endangered cotton-top tamarin primates up close. Trek down this adventure trail and help your animal friends in ways that you never thought possible. It's fun to share your world and your own backyard with animals! Take a walk on the wild side! You'll see amazing cotton-top tamarins on this leg of our outdoor discovery trail. Plus, you'll get helpful hints on how to share the world, and your own backyard, with animals.
    Disney Tip: Along the trail, look for fun ideas to inspire you to create animal habitats in your own home and community.
    Disney Trivia: Disney's Animal Kingdom is working on preservation efforts for the cotton-top tamarin, one of the most endangered primates in the world.

    The cotton-top tamarin is named for the shock of white hair atop its head.

    • Wildlife Express Train
      Ride the rails on this rustic African train that travels the savannah for a behind-the-scenes journey through several animal housing and care areas of the park. In just over five minutes, your guided train ride transports you to the core of the park's conservation center. All aboard! During your journey aboard the Wildlife Express you will catch a glimpse of the nighttime enclosures where various animals are housed. Also a brief and really uninteresting glimpse of Asia can be experienced. It can be debated whether a trip to Conversation Station is worth the investment in time required. It will largely depend on what you came to Animal Kingdom for. If you largely want to be thrilled or entertained you may want to skip this one. If you came to explore and find hands on exhibits of interest then go for it.
    Disney Note: Trains leave every 5-7 minutes.
    Disney Trivia: Each five-car train can seat up to 250 passengers.

    The three engines and two sets of cars belonging to the Wildlife Express line were built in 1997 only a few miles from William Shakespeare's cottage in Stratford-on-Avon by the model-railroad firm of Severn Lamb, Ltd., at Alchester, England.

    The detailing on the train includes signs created by Harambe locals and luggage strapped to the train's roof.

    This attraction opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom on April 22, 1998.

    Harambe is Swahili for "coming together."

    Enter the newest Animal Kingdom land and be transported to the mystical realms of Southeast Asia. Enter by passing trough the Village of Anandapur. The architecture of Anandapur is a collage of several Asian countries including India and Indonesia among others.

  • Asia Attractions

    • Expedition Everest
      Massive Mountain -- A mountain range is on the horizon at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park as construction continues on Expedition Everest, a family thrill coaster opening at Walt Disney World Resort in 2006. Soaring nearly 200-feet-tall, Expedition Everest will take guests on the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain in this high-altitude, high-speed train adventure! Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward toward the peak and then, just when you think it couldn't get more thrilling — backward! The mountain's full of surprises: Beware the snarling beast who watches over his domain… the Yeti!
    • Here are a couple videos of our Sneak Peak of what it is like to ride Expedition Everest
      Click Here for a view from the middle of the train.
      Click Here for a view from the front of the train.

    • Kali River Rapids
      Raft down the turbulent waters of the Chakranadi River aboard a 12-passenger raft through an enchanting Asian rain forest. A blazing inferno rushes toward you! Escape down a rushing waterfall! Beware of gushing geysers! Get set to get wet!
      A free floating river raft ride that takes guests around obstacles and over rapids not to mention past some really very interesting theming. From the Asian temple that serves as the waiting area to the various scenes that play out along the river this is vintage Disney. This short ride of just a little over 3 minutes packs more guests soaking per minute than possibly any other river rapid ride around.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 38 inches / 95 cm

      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Note: YOU WILL GET WET!!!

    Disney Trivia: Most of the statues and decoration in this attraction are authentic and were created in Asia.

    This attraction opened in late March of 1999.

    The storyline of this attraction attempts to shed light on the conflicts between logging and rainforest preservation.

    • Maharajah Jungle Trek
      Trek into the lush forests for an unparalleled adventure into the wilds of the mystical Anandapur Royal Forest of Southeast Asia. Have up-close encounters with Komodo dragons and tapirs. Make eye contact with stalking tigers. Wander among the ruins of an ancient palace inhabited by beautiful and exotic animals! Very similar to Pangani Forest Exploration Trail except without the over crowding. This is an extremely well designed walk through animal exhibit. All themed around a temple ruin where each Asian animal species is presented in a manner and design worthy of Disney. Simply not to be missed.
    Disney Tip: Always have your cameras poised, as these animals may decide to pose without giving any notice.
    Disney Trivia: A maharaja is a king or prince in India ranking above a rajah.

  • Asia Entertainment

    • Flights Of Wonder
      "Wing" on in to the Caravan Stage and join a trainee bird handler and a wayward tour guide who teach each other about the delicate state of nature. See birds such as vultures, hawks, colorful macaws, crowned crane and the American Bald Eagle up close. May your spirits fly sky-high. This live stage show presentation is similar in format to the aquatic shows we all have seen, except the mammals and fish are replaced with birds. This extremely well done and funny show is also informative and a real treat for the whole family.
    Disney Note: There is a separate charge to play each of these fun-filled games.
    Disney Tip: Don't forget to bring your camera for a post-show close-up of these magnificent birds.

    Birds make appearances in the stage area after the show.

    Disney Trivia: The show was developed in collaboration with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters, Inc.

  • Asia Dining

    • Chakranadi Chicken Shop
      Located at Disney's Animal Kingdom

      Meals served: Lunch, Dinner
      Cuisine: Asian
      Theme park admission required
      Priority seating not necessary

      Counter service restaurant with open air patio dining featuring Asian specialty dishes including: Stir Fry Chicken with Rice, Thai Beef Salad, and Asian Pot Stickers
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