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Disney’s Animal Kingdom MUST SEE!'s


  • Disney's Animal Kingdom MUST SEE! Attractions

    Featured MUST SEE! Attraction
    • Expedition Everest
      Massive Mountain -- A mountain range is on the horizon at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park as construction continues on Expedition Everest, a family thrill coaster opening at Walt Disney World Resort in 2006. Soaring nearly 200-feet-tall, Expedition Everest will take guests on the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain in this high-altitude, high-speed train adventure! Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward toward the peak and then, just when you think it couldn't get more thrilling — backward! The mountain's full of surprises: Beware the snarling beast who watches over his domain… the Yeti!
    • Here are a couple videos of our Sneak Peak of what it is like to ride Expedition Everest
      Click Here for a view from the middle of the train.
      Click Here for a view from the front of the train.
    DinoLand U.S.A. MUST SEE! Attractions
      Whoosh back to primeval times for a wild ride of an expedition to complete your dangerous mission. The clock is ticking on your Time Rover and you have mere minutes to rescue a stray dinosaur. Beware the hungry clutches of one large meat-eating predator and the devastating power of an impending asteroid! It's fast. It's a blast! It's in the past! Disney Imagineers obviously worked overtime and employed every special effect in the book during their design of this motion-simulator/track ride. I have encountered mixed reviews from those I spoke with regarding this attraction. Some love it and can’t wait for another crack at traveling back to prehistoric time to rescue a soon to be extinct dinosaur, while others declare it to be too intense and have decided that if Dino doesn’t make it back tough luck.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 40 inches / 102 cm
      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Trivia: DINOSAUR was developed at the same time as the movie and actually debuted prior to the animated film.

    This attraction originally opened with Disney's Animal Kingdom April 22, 1998 under another name: Countdown to Extinction.

    • Primeval Whirl
      Take a whirl into prehistory in one of these spinning time machines that are part of the zany fun fair of Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama! Thrill to the sudden dips, hairpin turns and tight curves of this rollicking coaster. Each colorful car spins independently so you never know how things will "turn" out! It's the best time you've had in ages. A roller coaster that spins is our description of this one and that will at least begin to help you get some idea of this the newest attraction to be added to the park. The dinosaur theming continues to “pop up” as your car slips, slides and spins along the track.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 48 inches / 122 cm
      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Tip: Don't forget to read the time traveling messages: "Time's up!", "The end is near!", and "Older than dirt!"
    Disney Trivia: "Pocahontas" is the first Disney animated film inspired by actual historic events.
    Discovery Island MUST SEE! Attractions
    • It’s Tough to Be a Bug
      See the world through a bug's eyes as you peek into the hilarious and dazzling 3-D world of amazing and amusing insects as they astound you with a one-of-a-kind stage show. Laugh at the fun and startling in-theater effects like overhead giant spiders! The only thing that will "bug" you is if you miss it! A very funny 3-D film with a cast of millions. The films storyline is a brief and entertaining look into the world of insects and their take on the world. A wide variety of visual and tactical special effects are employed to add a creepy touch to the film.
    Disney Note: May be frightening to preschool age children.
    Disney Trivia: There are approximately 1,032,000 animal species known to science, of which 750,000 are insects.

    Disney/Pixar's "A Bug's Life" was the first widescreen computer animated feature.

    Africa MUST SEE! Attractions
    • Kilimanjaro Safaris
      Climb aboard your open-sided safari vehicle for an exciting expedition for the entire family. Animals from Africa freely roam through acres of savannah, rivers and rocky hills. Look out for giraffes, hippos, elephants, rhinos, lions and poachers too! A combination of Disney Imagineering and simply one of the best natural animal habitats around makes this a must see for the entire family. Have your camera ready as your vehicle will pass by (in some cases right next to) wildebeests, impalas, Thomson gazelles, zebra, giraffes, rhinos, hippos and lions.

      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Note: Although animals are typically more active in mornings and during cooler weather, Kilimanjaro Safaris has great animal viewing in both the morning and afternoon.
    Disney Tip: If you have a large group with more than one camera, sit on opposite sides of the safari vehicle to catch all of the action.

    Always keep your cameras ready as animals roam freely throughout the reserve and you never know when a terrific picture-taking opportunity may present itself.

    Disney Trivia: This is the largest attraction at any Disney theme park.
    Asia MUST SEE! Attractions
    • Kali River Rapids
      Raft down the turbulent waters of the Chakranadi River aboard a 12-passenger raft through an enchanting Asian rain forest. A blazing inferno rushes toward you! Escape down a rushing waterfall! Beware of gushing geysers! Get set to get wet!
      A free floating river raft ride that takes guests around obstacles and over rapids not to mention past some really very interesting theming. From the Asian temple that serves as the waiting area to the various scenes that play out along the river this is vintage Disney. This short ride of just a little over 3 minutes packs more guests soaking per minute than possibly any other river rapid ride around.

      Minimum Height Requirement: 38 inches / 95 cm

      Fast Pass Available
    Disney Note: YOU WILL GET WET!!!

    Disney Trivia: Most of the statues and decoration in this attraction are authentic and were created in Asia.

    This attraction opened in late March of 1999.

    The storyline of this attraction attempts to shed light on the conflicts between logging and rainforest preservation.


  • Disney's Animal Kingdom MUST SEE! Entertainment

    Camp Minnie-Mickey MUST SEE! Entertainment
    • Festival of the Lion King
      Plunge right into the middle of the action in this cleverly staged in-the-round production featuring songs from the film and a cast of familiar faces, including Simba, Timon and Pumbaa. Combining the pageantry of a parade with all the excitement of a tribal celebration, this is a lavish, high energy spectacle created through song, dance and specialty performances. Live stage show production that borrows songs from the popular Disney animated classic, but it doesn’t stop there. Singers, dancers, acrobats and a good portion of crowd participation all combine to make this quite possibly the best offering to be found at the Animal Kingdom.
    Disney Tip: This show is very popular, so early arrival helps to ensure getting a seat.

    Get in on the action by interacting with Cast Members when they ask for group participation.

    With its newly enclosed theater, Festival of the Lion King is a great place to cool off.

    Disney Trivia: The Festival of the Lion King was crowned the 2004 Disney Magazine Reader's Choice Award winner for Favorite Walt Disney World Resort Show!

    "The Lion King" borrows certain elements from Shakespeare's Hamlet, including the storyline of a young prince whose uncle takes over a kingdom after murdering the king.

    "The Lion King" is the best-selling home video of all time!

    There are approximately 136 costumes that are worn by the cast of the show.

    DinoLand U.S.A. MUST SEE! Entertainment
    Asia MUST SEE! Entertainment
    • Flights Of Wonder
      "Wing" on in to the Caravan Stage and join a trainee bird handler and a wayward tour guide who teach each other about the delicate state of nature. See birds such as vultures, hawks, colorful macaws, crowned crane and the American Bald Eagle up close. May your spirits fly sky-high. This live stage show presentation is similar in format to the aquatic shows we all have seen, except the mammals and fish are replaced with birds. This extremely well done and funny show is also informative and a real treat for the whole family.
    Disney Note: There is a separate charge to play each of these fun-filled games.
    Disney Tip: Don't forget to bring your camera for a post-show close-up of these magnificent birds.

    Birds make appearances in the stage area after the show.

    Disney Trivia: The show was developed in collaboration with Steve Martin of Natural Encounters, Inc.

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