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What to Pack in Your Disney Park Bag! 5 Tips for What to Bring with you to Walt Disney World!


A frequently asked question when planning a Walt Disney World Vacation is “what do I need to bring into the parks?” We all wonder about the dos and don’ts when it comes to packing our bag for inside the Disney Parks. I have been visiting Disney World and Disneyland for years and I am still perfecting my perfect park bag formula!  It is great to learn from other frequent park-goers their tips and tricks when it comes to what to bring to the Disney Parks and the type of bag you should plan to use!



Recently Karen and Alyssa, two of our wonderful Kingdom Magic Vacations Travel Planners shared their top 5 tips for everything you need to know about what to bring in your Disney park bag! They detail the importance of picking the type of bag you might want to carry and provided us with great tips on how to consolidate and minimize your items when coming to the park. I loved hearing what items they recommended bringing to best enhance your day in the parks. They also detail some fun items you need to be sure to grab to add extra magic to your day such as ‘Celebration Buttons’ which you can pick up for free at any of the Disney Parks or Resorts!


These two Disney experts have a ton of great Disney bag tips and tricks for you to hear! Check out our YouTube Channel to watch them share their tips in our latest video!


Featured Travel Planners:

Karen Holmes:


Text/Direct: 903.231.3123


Alyssa Maisano:


Text/Direct: 321.328.7318


Our Kingdom Magic Vacation team is excited to plan your next vacation to Walt Disney World or to any travel destination that you might be dreaming of visiting next! Contact us today!



What You Didn’t Know About Watching Disney’s Happily Ever After Fireworks | New Tips

There’s a new nightly fireworks show at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom called Happily Ever After and you want the best viewing experience possible. What do you need to do?  Start with throwing out all the “tried and true advice” from friends who had seen Wishes, the blog posts you’ve read about Wishes and any type of advice that dates back to the old fireworks show. Happily Ever After is a whole new type of show with a new set of rules.
This is a show that you’re going to want to see more than once if you can. There is so much fighting for your attention, in a good way, that there’s no way you can take it in one time. I found myself watching the projections so much that I would forget about the fireworks, then I would focus on that and miss the projections.
Here are 5 Suggestions for a having a Happy, Happily Ever After Viewing Experience….
1. It’s essential that choose a location in the hub area so you have a full view of the castle and all it’s turrets. What do I mean by the hub? The park is laid out in a hub and spoke design, with the Partner’s Statue of Mickey and Walt in the Center. You want to locate yourself in the yellow area below.
Why: With Wishes, the fireworks and Jiminiy Cricket told the store and any castle projections were icing on the cake. It’s the exact opposite with Happily Ever After. The castle projections are essential to the story, with the fireworks in more of a supporting role. We had a spot back by Main Street Ice Cream Parlor and there were times when the story was a little disjointed because we couldn’t see all the projections on the castle to know what was going on.
2. If you really want to see Happily Ever After, don’t try to watch it from Fantasyland. With Wishes, you used to be able to get a good view of the show, not missing a lot from the back side of the castle if you were in Fantasyland…not anymore. You would miss about 90% of the show this way, again, because the projections are now telling the story. You won’t see any of this from Fantasyland.
3. Be considerate of those around you, everyone wants to see the show. If you put your children up on your shoulders, you’re basically saying, “I don’t care about anyone behind me being able to see”. Admit it, you would be upset if your child’s view was blocked….remember, everyone is there for a good time, you all spent the money to come, instead, get there a little earlier and head to a viewing location where doing something like this isn’t necessary. It’s safer for your child anyway if they are not up on your shoulders, perched on a rail someplace etc. Consider instead holding them up in your arms…it’s a safer alternative if they can’t see from the ground.
4. If this is a vacation that your family will take only every other year or couple years, I understand…Disney can be expensive, but you want to give your family the best experience. So consider booking a Fireworks Dessert Party to guarantee your family a great viewing location and a special treat. There are currently 2 dessert party options for Happily Ever After. The Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party gives you access to a dessert buffet and viewing from the Tomorrowland Terrace locations. The Plaza Garden Fireworks viewing party gives you access to the same dessert buffet, but then you are guided to a viewing location out in the plaza garden area to see the fireworks show. This is a less expensive options because it will involve standing only. Now you have a great location, you can relax and you’re not fighting the crowds.
5. For the sanity and enjoyment of everyone around, TURN OFF YOUR FLASH on your camera or phone. The flash is good for about 4’s not going to help, it’s just going to annoy everyone around you. Don’t hold your phone up over your head the whole time either to record the show. Again, you’re just annoying everyone else, and you’re going to be so focused on recording that you’re going to miss the whole show you waited to see. Don’t watch it through your phone, watch it “in the moment”.
Grab your family, grab your friends or grab that special someone and head over to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom to experience the new show. In fact, I loved the song enough to download it from ITunes!


Blogger, Traveler, Wife, Runner….I’m known as many different things.  But I’m here to be your Travel Professional.  Ever since I was a little girl I had an interest in travel. I would collect the postcards books that my grandparents brought back to me from their travels and I kept them in a special box that I loved to pull out and flip through. As I traveled with my family I started collecting postcards on my own and pictures, maps, and other mementos of my travels.

Believe it or not, I still have those postcards and every once in awhile I’ll bring them out and flip through smiling at the memories they bring back. Although I might not collect postcards anymore I collect photos, stories and information on my travels. I love to soak up a destination, reveling in the local food life. I absolutely love sharing my travel stories, foodie moments and special encounters.
(321) 323 – 9835

Cruising To Norway On The Disney Magic With Travel With Rick

Visit the beautiful country of Norway onboard the Disney Magic with Travel With Rick!

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Cruising Onboard The Disney Fantasy With Travel With Rick

This week on Travel with Rick, we join Rick and Leslie on an Eastern Caribbean cruise onboard Disney Cruise Line’s ship the Disney Fantasy!

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Cruising On Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas

Join Rick and Leslie as they take an incredible cruise on the Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line‘s newest ship.

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Our Favorite Cruise Tips with Travel With Rick And Friends

Rick and Leslie, along with some very familiar faces, bring us some of their best cruise tips to get the most out of your next next cruise! PLUS a very special offer only for friends of Travel With Rick!

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Disneyland Tips Before You Go

The best time to visit Disneyland is mid-week during the off-season. If your kids can take a couple days off from school, it is certainly worth the effort. Make every effort to avoid peak travel times. Your family will spend much less time fighting crowds and standing in long lines. Short lines mean more time to explore and enjoy the parks! Here are our four favorite times of year to visit the Disneyland Resort:


1. The week after Labor Day in September through the first two weeks in October: Kids are back in school so the parks are not crowded. Both parks are decked out for Halloween the entire month of October.

Good to know: September is typically one of the warmest months in Orange County so be sure to make time for a beach day or some pool time back at the hotel.

2. January and February: While most of the country is freezing, Orange County is typically enjoying daytime temperatures between 55 and 75. If you have to choose a 3 day weekend, crowds are more manageable on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend than President’s Day.

3. The first two weeks in May: Spring Break crowds are gone, the weather is nice, and kids are still in school.

4. The first two weeks in December: This is probably everyone’s favorite time to visit because all of the holiday decorations are up but most of the holiday visitors are still doing their Christmas shopping. Park attendance is low but the wow factor is high!

Avoid: Mid-March through Mid- April due to Spring Break, Thanksgiving week, the weeks before and after Christmas, most of June and August, and all of July. If you do have to go during the summer months, try to visit either the first week in June (when most Southern California schools are still in session) or the last week in August (when most schools outside of Southern California are back in session).


Plan Your Disneyland Resort Vacation Here!

Saving Money On Your Next Disney Vacation!

There is no better place for a great family vacation than Walt Disney World Resort, and with this offer from Disney, you can play and not break the bank!


Now, you can save up to 30% on rooms at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels when you book between Dec. 29, 2014 and Feb. 16, 2015 for stays most nights March 2-June 15, 2015.

Or, you can save up to 25% on rooms at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels when you book between Feb. 17-March 28, 2015 for stays most nights March 2-June 15, 2015.

Great rates are also available for stays most nights Feb. 22-March 1, 2015.

You can also receive 1 more ticket day FREE when you upgrade to a room and ticket package with a minimum 4-day Magic Your Way Ticket.


Now is a great time to take your family to Disney and enjoy staying at one of their incredible resorts, dining at Disney themed restaurants, and enjoying one of the thrilling theme parks!  It’s all there and ready for you to arrive!

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Here Is How You Can Save Money On Your Next Disney Cruise

If you are like me, I love to find a great deal.  I clip coupons, seek out the latest weekly deal at the grocery store, buy gift cards on double bonus point month and plan well for my vacations.

Here Is How You Can Save Money On Your Next Disney Cruise

One of our family’s favorite vacations is setting sail on a Disney Cruise Ship. Whether it be a short getaway tacked on to our Walt Disney World stay, seeing the wonderful natural beauty of Alaska or discovering history in Europe we are never disappointed with a Disney Cruise vacation.  The service is exceptional, the staterooms are comfortable and the family activities and adult only venues make it perfect for the whole family.

As with any family vacation, budget is one of the main contributing factors during the planning phase.  With a family of 5 that usually means, two state rooms, or the Deluxe Family Stateroom on the ship.  We learned early on that planning in advance offers us the best price.  As so as new Itineraries become available, that is when we set the date, but the key to making the most out of our budget is planning for our next cruise while we are still on the cruise!

Here Is How You Can Save Money On Your Next Disney Cruise

How does that work?  When you sail on a Disney Cruise ship you have the opportunity to book your future cruise while still on the ship and get a great discount, ½ deposit and an onboard credit.  Another fantastic bonus is that when you book your future cruise with Kingdom Magic and your Travel Planner you get an additional shipboard credit as well.  All together this translates into a great savings!

Important things to remember:

  1.  You can ONLY take advantage of the savings while you are still on the ship.
  2. You visit the future booking desk and deposit a future cruise.  If you don’t know the date, just let them know and they will book a place holder cruise for you.  Then when you decide on the date and the Itinerary let your Kingdom Magic Travel Planner know.
  3. Make sure that you tell the Cruise Desk that you want to book your vacation with Kingdom Magic and use the same travel planner.
  4. When you return home, your travel planner will touch base will you so you can start dreaming about the next time you will set sail!

Sounds easy!  It is!  You have another perfect vacation planned for the future and you have saved money!

If you have any questions about a Future Cruise booking, contact us at 1-866-972-6244.

Book Your Next Cruise With Kingdom Magic Vacations!

6 Ways To Kid-Proof Your Travel

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Proper prep is a parent’s best friend when it comes to winging it with your little ones. Here are a few tips to help make your family’s next flight smooth and tears-free.


1. Time It Just Right. Try to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When booking your family’s tickets avoid layovers, dodge delays and try to steer clear of airport crowds. Insider insights:

  • Friday is generally the busiest airport day. Saturday is the least busy.
  • July is the busiest travel month. February is usually the slowest.
  • Early morning flights tend to have the least amount of delays.

2. Pack a Busy Bag. Help your little ones pack their very own busy bags. Fill it with a variety of toys and activities to help keep them entertained on the plane. Your best bet? Toys that are quiet, compact, durable, mess-free, odorless and can be played with on their own. A mix of new toys and old favorites is a good idea too.

3. Arrive Early. Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid a family sprint to the gate. Check in online to save time, then use the curbside check-in for a quick luggage drop. Always make sure you’re up on the latest security requirements – this will make getting through security much easier.

4. Keep On Rollin’. For extra mobility in the airport, don’t hand over your stroller until you get to the gate. You can check it there, and once you land it will be waiting for you outside the plane door when you deplane.

5. Burn Baby Burn . Before hopping on that long haul flight, burn off extra energy. Create a quick scavenger with a list of items found in the terminal, play a few rounds of Simon Says or do some quick jumping jacks in the corner to wear the little ones out before boarding.

6 Ways T Kid-Proof Your Travel

6. Surprise & Delight. Keep flying fun with surprise treats and unexpected entertainment. While the Busy Bag will help keep the little ones entertained for most of the trip, it’s always good to have a few go-to tricks up your sleeve. Favorite snacks and a new toy or two are great back-ups in the case of Busy Bag failure.

Take-off Tip: Making funny faces, yawning and chewing gum are all great ways to relieve ear pressure at take-off and landing.


Kingdom Magic Quick Tip – Character Meet & Greets On Disney Cruise Line

Rick and Leslie Howard share all you need to know about meeting your favorite characters on your Disney Cruise.  From Mickey and Minnie to Stitch and Captain Jack,  you never know who you are gong to meet next!

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Kingdom Magic Vacations’ Disney Cruise Line Quick Tip – Wave Phone 101

Rick and Leslie Howard explain what Wave Phones are and how to use them while you are aboard a Disney Cruise Line! Wave phones are a great way for families to stay in touch with one another while on board the ship and ashore at Disney’s Castaway Cay.

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Kingdom Magic Quick Tip – What To Do on the First Day of Your Cruise

If you have never taken a cruise, what you need to do on your first day may be overwhelming. Kingdom Magic Vacation’s Rick and Leslie Howard will take all the anxiety away with this Kingdom Magic Quick Tip on “What to Do on the First Day of Your Cruise!”

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Join an Exclusive Club Just for Disney Cruisers – Guest Blog Post

Everyone enjoys being a part of something, especially when it includes Disney!  Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

Disney’s Cruise says, ” Castaway Club enhances your cruise experience with valuable benefits you’ll enjoy at home and on board.”  Based on the number of sailing you have will determine your Castaway Club level.

  • Silver Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 1-4 sailings
  • Gold Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 5-9 sailings
  • Platinum Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 10 or more sailings

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

One of the most coveted benefits of being a Castaway member by die hard Disney Cruisers is the advanced booking benefit.  While first time cruisers begin booking the extras 75 days prior to departure and after paid in full, Disney says,  “Silver Castaway members can pre-book 90 days before sailing. Gold Castaway members, 105 days. And Platinum Castaway members enjoy the option of booking a full 120 days prior to sailing.”

In addition, return guests receive a Welcome Back Stateroom gift, exclusive Castaway Club Compass newsletter, Castaway Club lanyard and special Key to the World Card. Of course there is more!

Click Here to view all the benefits of Castaway Club.

One of my favorite benefits is the Special Onboard Booking Offer.  You receive special savings when you book your next cruise while onboard any of the Disney Ships.  In addition, when you book your onboard cruise with Kingdom Magic Vacations as your Travel agency, you will receive additional benefits!  

Call us at 866.972.6244 or Request a Disney Cruise Quote Online!

Laura Schiely is the Director of Operations for Kingdom Magic Vacations and a Certified Travel Agent Laura Schiely is the Director of Operations for Kingdom Magic Vacations and a Certified Travel Agent specializing in Disney Destinations including Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise , Disneyland and Disney World. She also specializes in Universal Orlando, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Sandals and Beaches.

Kingdom Magic Quick Tip – What To Pack on Your Next Cruise

When you pack for your next cruise, some of the most important items may not be your clothes!  Here’s some great idea on what you can pack to help save time and hassle on your next cruise adventure!

If you have any questions about your next cruise, contact one of our Kingdom Magic Travel Agents!

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