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5 Ways To Get The Family Excited About Your Disney Trip


You have made the decision to take the family on a trip to Walt Disney World. This trip may be many months away but there are things you can do while you wait for your magical trip to begin that will get the excitement started.  In my family the trip planning has become a special part of the whole trip experience.  There is so much fun in the anticipation of the upcoming trip.  Let me highlight five ways to get everyone in the family excited for the trip and make the waiting half the fun!

1. Listen to Disney Music and Watch Disney Movies

Disney music and movies are so fun and entertaining for the whole family. It is a favorite pasttime for my family to listen to Disney music and watch our favorite Disney Movies. You can find some great music to listen to while driving around with your family.  It will make your drive time more fun and keep you excited waiting for your Disney trip. Check out your favorite streaming services for great Disney movies and music. It is sure to get everyone excited.

2. Check out YouTube

YouTube is a great resource for learning all about the Disney Parks. If you want to see what is going on at Disney, you are sure to find a great video out there. This is a great way to show your family all that Disney World has to offer by seeing what other people have experienced while there. You can find things on rides, shows, resorts dining and so much more. If you have young children that may be a little afraid of certain rides, watching a video about the rides can prepare them and help you decide which rides are best for your family. This can help you decide what is a priority and then when it is time you will be able to secure the Fastpasses that you will want.

3.  Dining Reservations

There are so many places to eat at Walt Disney World. From quick service to signature dining, there is something that everyone will enjoy.  Check out the Dining section of the My Disney Experience app and have the family go through the menus of the restaurants and get everyone involved in making the dining reservations. Maybe let each member of the family pick a special restaurant for each day of your trip. Don’t forget to check out all the Character meal choices if this is something your family would enjoy and pick out the ones that sound the best to all of you.

4.  Save Money

It’s no secret that a Disney World vacation can become expensive so the months leading up to the trip is a great time to start a trip fund for souvenirs or a special experience.  You can make a cute Disney jar to save your money.  Get everyone involved and get creative. If your children get an allowance they can put some money in the jar.  For birthdays and Christmas the kids can ask for Disney gift cards to add to the savings. Parents can add to it with extra change at the end of each day.  Its fun to see how much you can save and then split up the money for souvenirs or use it for a special experience like one of the character dining meals or renting a boat or taking a carriage ride. There are so many possibilities and it will be fun deciding what to do with your extra cash!

5. Make a Disney Count Down

I know it may seem like your trip is a long way off and it is fun to have a countdown.  This is especially good for younger kids that don’t understand the concept of time.  There are so many count down ideas. From making your own like a chain to purchasing something premade.  There are many sites with ideas and printables or shops that sell really unique count down items.


I hope you enjoyed these ideas and can incorporate them into your Disney trip planning.


If you want to book a trip our Kingdom Magic Vacations travel planners are here to help.  Please call today to start planning your next magical Disney vacation.

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What would you add to the list from your last land and sea experience?

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Study: 54% of Online Adults Would Spend Tax Refunds on Travel

If you’re getting a tax refund this year, are you planning to use it responsibly or splurge instead?


According to a survey conducted by travel site Hipmunk, 54% of online adults in the United States said if they had to choose one thing, they would spend the money on travel. This contrasts with other surveys on tax refund spending, likely due to the wording of the survey question, which asked people what they would do if they “could” spend the money on “only one thing.”

The Hipmunk survey, which polled 4,000 people, also found that 25% of respondents would save their money, 17% would pay down debt and 4% would go shopping.

Asking what people plan to actually do with their refunds gets different results. In its annual survey of 1,000 investors, TD Ameritrade asked how respondents planned to spend the money, assuming they received a refund.


In that survey, 45% of respondents said they would save the money, while only 19% said they would spend their refund on discretionary items, like goods or travel. In 2013, TD Ameritrade’s survey found similar results, with 47% saying they would save their money.

While saving money may be more responsible, it isn’t very fun. This explains the discrepancy between what people want to do and what they feel obliged to do.

In Hipmunk’s survey, respondents were also asked where they would most like to travel. The most popular destinations were Italy, Hawaii and Australia, along with Paris, Greece and London following closely behind.

Based on the amount of the average tax refund — about $3,000 — Hipmunk suggested a few travel itineraries.


Will you spend your tax refund on travel this year? If so, where will you go?

SOURCE – Mashable

Why I Travel – Guest Blog Post

Why do you travel? In my job I travel a lot, and over the years I’ve been asked that question a lot. Recently on a flight from somewhere to somewhere else, a lady sitting next to me struck up a polite conversation as travelers often do. I guess I didn’t get my ear buds in quickly enough because normally I’m the quiet, let’s get some work done or let’s just relax for a bit on this flight kind of guy. So as we chatted the question came up as it often does, “are you traveling for business or pleasure”? And then, the one that surprised me, “do your enjoy traveling”? The question didn’t surprise me as much as my hesitation to answer did. I really had to think about it for a moment.


Remember I said we were heading from somewhere to somewhere else? It was one of those trips that just seemed to run on from the last couple of trips. That “I’ve been on the road and away from home far more lately than I like to be feeling”. So I paused to think about her question, “do I like to travel” So before I could stop myself, the answer came rolling out, “sometimes” I said. That’s it, isn’t it? We travel for many different reasons, business, pleasure, to visit family and friends, seeking adventure, relaxation and sometimes just to escape.

And the more I thought about it, for me, sometimes wasn’t a good answer. I mean, I’m the travel guy! I own a travel agency and have been involved in planning vacations for others for nearly twenty years. How could I like to travel just sometimes. I remembered the commercial on TV, “Some say travel isn’t what it used to be…I say travel is what you make it”. And then I made my decision. When the inevitable question comes up, “do you like to travel” my answer will always be an unequivocal, “absolutely!” , “from anywhere to anywhere else, I love to travel!


So then with my new found mantra and an unshakable resolve, why is it that we love to travel? In another recent conversation with a friend, she told me she was seeking a more minimalistic life and was going to travel less. She believes many people travel to escape something because they are not happy where they are and are running away trying to find something else. And while this may be true for some and I do realize escapism is a valid reason for travel, It’s not my main reason. Who hasn’t gotten caught up in the mundane day to day of life or become stressed out at work and need a much deserved overdue getaway? But there is a difference in needing a visit to the land of palm trees and margaritas and just wanting to run away from your life. We all need to escape from time to time.

Among my favorite reasons for travel are discovery, inspiration, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and of course I have to mention food! To discover a culture and learn about it’s people can only be completely done by experiencing the local food delicacies and the way they are prepared.


In a recent post here, I wrote, That’s What Travel is Supposed To Do, and that’s why I travel. Travel should change us, it should give us a deeper appreciation for living, expose us to the awe of God’s creation and give an appreciation for how big the world is. I love this quote by Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”


That’s it’s for me then, that’s why I travel, to discover new landscapes and gain new eyes to look upon them with.

rickRick is President of Kingdom Magic Vacations, and as you might guess, he loves to travel! His wife Leslie have two great kids, teens actually, and they love to travel together as a family. They love cruising also, and most of all they love Walt Disney World!

You can find Rick at where he loves to share with you the place (Walt Disney World) and the places (anywhere else around the world) that we love to visit. I’ll do that with articles, video and pictures.

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6 Ways To Kid-Proof Your Travel

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Proper prep is a parent’s best friend when it comes to winging it with your little ones. Here are a few tips to help make your family’s next flight smooth and tears-free.


1. Time It Just Right. Try to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When booking your family’s tickets avoid layovers, dodge delays and try to steer clear of airport crowds. Insider insights:

  • Friday is generally the busiest airport day. Saturday is the least busy.
  • July is the busiest travel month. February is usually the slowest.
  • Early morning flights tend to have the least amount of delays.

2. Pack a Busy Bag. Help your little ones pack their very own busy bags. Fill it with a variety of toys and activities to help keep them entertained on the plane. Your best bet? Toys that are quiet, compact, durable, mess-free, odorless and can be played with on their own. A mix of new toys and old favorites is a good idea too.

3. Arrive Early. Get to the airport with plenty of time to spare to avoid a family sprint to the gate. Check in online to save time, then use the curbside check-in for a quick luggage drop. Always make sure you’re up on the latest security requirements – this will make getting through security much easier.

4. Keep On Rollin’. For extra mobility in the airport, don’t hand over your stroller until you get to the gate. You can check it there, and once you land it will be waiting for you outside the plane door when you deplane.

5. Burn Baby Burn . Before hopping on that long haul flight, burn off extra energy. Create a quick scavenger with a list of items found in the terminal, play a few rounds of Simon Says or do some quick jumping jacks in the corner to wear the little ones out before boarding.

6 Ways T Kid-Proof Your Travel

6. Surprise & Delight. Keep flying fun with surprise treats and unexpected entertainment. While the Busy Bag will help keep the little ones entertained for most of the trip, it’s always good to have a few go-to tricks up your sleeve. Favorite snacks and a new toy or two are great back-ups in the case of Busy Bag failure.

Take-off Tip: Making funny faces, yawning and chewing gum are all great ways to relieve ear pressure at take-off and landing.


Kingdom Magic Quick Tip – How to Pack for A Holiday Visit to Orlando

Laura from Kingdom Magic Vacations gives tips on how to properly pack for a Winter vacation to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and all the other great destinations!

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Join an Exclusive Club Just for Disney Cruisers – Guest Blog Post

Everyone enjoys being a part of something, especially when it includes Disney!  Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

Disney’s Cruise says, ” Castaway Club enhances your cruise experience with valuable benefits you’ll enjoy at home and on board.”  Based on the number of sailing you have will determine your Castaway Club level.

  • Silver Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 1-4 sailings
  • Gold Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 5-9 sailings
  • Platinum Castaway for Guests who’ve completed 10 or more sailings

Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club is and exciting club that gives you benefits when you travel on Disney Ships to exciting locations.

One of the most coveted benefits of being a Castaway member by die hard Disney Cruisers is the advanced booking benefit.  While first time cruisers begin booking the extras 75 days prior to departure and after paid in full, Disney says,  “Silver Castaway members can pre-book 90 days before sailing. Gold Castaway members, 105 days. And Platinum Castaway members enjoy the option of booking a full 120 days prior to sailing.”

In addition, return guests receive a Welcome Back Stateroom gift, exclusive Castaway Club Compass newsletter, Castaway Club lanyard and special Key to the World Card. Of course there is more!

Click Here to view all the benefits of Castaway Club.

One of my favorite benefits is the Special Onboard Booking Offer.  You receive special savings when you book your next cruise while onboard any of the Disney Ships.  In addition, when you book your onboard cruise with Kingdom Magic Vacations as your Travel agency, you will receive additional benefits!  

Call us at 866.972.6244 or Request a Disney Cruise Quote Online!

Laura Schiely is the Director of Operations for Kingdom Magic Vacations and a Certified Travel Agent Laura Schiely is the Director of Operations for Kingdom Magic Vacations and a Certified Travel Agent specializing in Disney Destinations including Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise , Disneyland and Disney World. She also specializes in Universal Orlando, Princess Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Sandals and Beaches.

Kingdom Magic Quick Tip – What To Pack on Your Next Cruise

When you pack for your next cruise, some of the most important items may not be your clothes!  Here’s some great idea on what you can pack to help save time and hassle on your next cruise adventure!

If you have any questions about your next cruise, contact one of our Kingdom Magic Travel Agents!

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