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The Secret Gem

So you are planning an Orlando, FL vacation and you and your family are looking for something a little different to add to the trip. You would like adventure, do something a little different and would love to be connected with nature while doing it. Well, I have the perfect choice! Discovery Cove by Seaworld Parks and Resorts. It is not just another day, it is another world!

Just beyond your wildest dreams lies this tropical paradise where once in a lifetime thrills happen every day! Get closer to the animal world than you can possibly imagine! Get up close and personal with bottlenose, and other sea life. Experience the ultimate dolphin swim to create the most unforgettable moments. Visit the free flight aviary as you let them land on your shoulder and offer food for them to feast on. Watch out for wonderful colors to explode as they fly by.

The Grand Reef at Discovery Cove gives you a whole new view of sea life. Don’t miss the SeaVenture as you are awed with an underwater walk. Relax in a cabana and float through clear springs and refreshing waterfalls tucked under the rainforest canopy. Swim up close for an unmatched view of playful marmosets and frisky Asian otters in the Freshwater Oasis.

Your all-inclusive Day Resort Package lets you enjoy first- class amenities. Freshly prepared breakfast, gourmet lunch and all of your snacks and beverages for the day are included. Admission includes snorkeling gear, wetsuits, towels, lockers and sunscreen and self-parking!
Contact your Travel planner to discover complete vacation packages that also include unlimited admission to SeaWorld and Aquatica also located in Orlando.

Create an amazing adventure for you and your family! Discovery Cove is what the doctor ordered!

Celebrate 50 Years Of SeaWorld

There’s quite a wave of excitement sweeping across our parks beginning March 21, 2014 as we celebrate 50 years of family fun. We’re throwing an 18-month-long celebration, and you’re invited!


You’ll feel the energy throughout our three SeaWorld® parks, from a new evening Shamu® Show to a Surprise Squad delivering prizes and surprises throughout the park, new entertainment to animal encounters, and festive new shows to fireworks finales to top off summer evenings.

Come be a part of a spectacular 50th anniversary celebration here at SeaWorld, and let your own voyage begin.


Surprise Squad

One of our favorite ways to surprise guests at our parks this year is through our Surprise Squad. This energetic team will deliver an experience everywhere they turn up, including all sorts of surprises and prizes. We can’t tell you everything, of course, or it wouldn’t be a surprise!

The Surprise Squad will begin popping up in all three parks starting March 21. They’ll be entertaining guests and delighting unsuspecting onlookers with special gifts, from discounts and deals to surprises so big – and we mean big – you’ll have to be here to believe them.


The paths throughout our parks will be bubbling over with entertainment this year – and when we say bubbling, we mean it.

You’ll find bundles of bubbles trailing from our mobile bubble lab vehicle that is operated by an eccentric inventor as he creates bubbles of all sizes and shapes in search of the perfect bubble!

A Splash Dance is also making its way around our parks. Water buckets will be juggling and audiences giggling as a slapstick show turns into a high-energy dance production.

Add in seasonal extras like an all-new evening Shamu Show and fireworks finales, and you have a celebration as big as the sea itself. Come be a part of the fun.

Walking through our parks, guests are often surprised to be greeted by one of our many animal ambassadors, many of whom were orphaned or injured in the wild and given a second chance thanks to our SeaWorld Rescue Team.

As part of our 50th Celebration, we’re adding even more fun surprises to our world-famous animal encounters, from the fun and frivolity of flamingo parades to the grace and nobility of the magnificent eagle. You’ll also meet more multi-generational animal ambassadors, too.

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Whale-of-a-Baby Born at SeaWorld San Diego

What a Valentine’s Day it was at SeaWorld San Diego. Sea World’s zoological team welcomed Baby Shamu into their family of killer whales!

Valentine’s Day was special at SeaWorld San Diego with the  zoological team welcoming Baby Shamu into the family of killer whales

The calf was born at 6:33 a.m. under the watchful eyes of trainers, veterinarians and animal care specialists. The mother is Kasatka, who is approximately 37 years old and has given birth to three other calves (Takara, Nakai and Kalia).

Valentine’s Day was special at SeaWorld San Diego with the  zoological team welcoming Baby Shamu into the family of killer whales

No one knows the gender of the calf yet, but they tell us that she is the cutest baby you’ve ever seen! The calf is estimated to weigh between 300 and 350 pounds and measure between 6 and 7 feet. After 18 months of gestation and just a little over an hour of labor, Kasatka gave birth to the calf, who, seconds later, instinctively swam to the water’s surface to take its first breath.

Valentine’s Day was special at SeaWorld San Diego with the  zoological team welcoming Baby Shamu into the family of killer whales


Mom and baby appear to be doing well, but as with any newborn, the first days are critical. Zoological staff will monitor breathing and nursing round the clock.

Kasatka’s successful delivery marks the sixth killer whale birth at our park. The number of killer whales in the SeaWorld family is now 29, with 10 here at SeaWorld San Diego.

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