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Baby’s Travel Lite

With Babies Travel Lite you can shop online for all your infant travel supplies for your family vacation long before it’s time to leave the house.

Using this service you can plan ahead ensuring that you never forget that critical item at home. babies Travel Lite offers Baby Bundles to make shopping and traveling with your baby away from home easy and hassle free. In addition to the products your baby uses on a daily basis, they carefully select specialty products that make baby travel easier.

Bundles Available

Diaper_Baby_Bundle_LargeDiaper Baby Bundle

Changing made easy for parents traveling with a baby to Disney. All the changing supplies you’ll need to change your baby for a day at Walt Disney World.

Organic_Bathtime_Baby_Bundle_largeBath Time Baby Bundles

Giving a baby bath while away at Disney can be a chore. Our baby bath tubs and baby travel kits mean more disney world fun for everyone.

InfantMealtimeBabyBundleLargeMeal Time Baby Bundle

Feeding babies or feeding toddler at Walt Disney World means baby feeding supplies. With spoons, bowls, bibs and more, this convenient bundle has everything you’ll need for your visit to Disney.

Beach_Time_BundleSun Time Baby Bundles

Your baby will need special baby sun gear to stay protected from the Florida sun. The Sun Time bundle is everything you’ll need for sun protection and fun in the sun on your Disney vacation.