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Every Aulani Resort excursion is an adventure into the culture and stories of Hawai’i. Whether you want to hike Diamond Head, set sail on a catamaran or learn to surf, visit the Tour Desk to book excursions* – both those exclusive to Aulani Guests, as well as those enjoyed with other island visitors.

Take a cooking class to learn how to prepare Hawaiian fare. Go on a nature hike, visit a museum or hop into a kayak to paddle through the sapphire waters that ripple around you. Excursions that are exclusive to Aulani Guests are uniquely designed with special Disney touches that include our storytelling magic. It’s a fantastic way to open the door to all that’s magical about Hawai’i!

See our Discovery Experiences for ideas on how to personalize your vacation based on your own spirit of adventure.

* Excursions are operated by independent contractors that are neither agents of, nor supervised or controlled by, Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Hawai’i.

Discovery Paths

Aulani Discovery PathsIn this magical place, everything is connected. The sea to the mountains. The sky to the grasses. The people to the land. Connect with the island as you embark on a path of discovery with local artists, storytellers, chefs and surfers. Let Disney open the door to the wonders of Hawai’i as you join them in adventures and explorations of the island and its magic. Which path will you take to discover the heart of Hawai’i?

Adventures of the Land
Ancient legends and island wonders reach out to you from the peaks of mighty mountains beneath the sweeping sky. Plunge into tropical forests, ride on bike trails and climb high into the mountains as you follow in the footsteps of explorers past. Or visit a local pineapple plantation, where kids can wander the maze of bushes as everyone enjoys that sweet juicy fruit for which the land is so famous. The breathtaking views of O’ahu are both invigorating and transforming, infusing you with the adventures that only Hawai’i holds.

Treasures of the Sea
Dive into the exhilarating waters of Hawai’i for the experience of your life. Splash in the sea foam on the sparkling white sands. Sail out on a catamaran, the ocean waves spraying against the bow in the breeze. You might even join playful pods of dolphins and sea turtles for a swim. Then kayak past protected coves for a glimpse of the fascinating island ecology. Snorkel with fascinating fish at Rainbow Reef. Then grab your board and brave the North Shore for some of the most fantastic surfing in the world! All this and more awaits you to take that first plunge – into the stories of Hawai’i.

Flavors of Life
From the bounty of the sea to the harvest of island farms, discover endless ways to savor your stay on Hawai’i. Sample sweet and subtle tastes offered by a honey sommelier. Or visit a macadamia nut farm for a crunchy treat. Sip fine island-brewed coffees, take a cooking lesson from local culinary experts and nibble raw sugarcane to tease out its sweet juice. Sail with local fisherman and visit local farmers who gather the freshest ingredients through time-honored traditions. Then bring your family to the table with Aulani chefs to learn the secret of preparing the perfect island meal.

Heart of Imagination

Aulani ActivitiesIt’s playtime in paradise! Ride a tube slide and splash past the fantastic Hawaiian landscape on a grand aquatic adventure. Or make mischief with the menehune along the paths and trails that wind into the lush gardens. Each inch of this amazing place invites kids to explore. There’s more than meets the eye, with surprises at every turn! Then step into Aunty’s Beach House, where kids can let their imagination run free. From memorable moments with Disney friends to Hawaiian legends told with a special Disney touch, kids are at the heart of the magic.

The Inspiration of Art & Culture
Beauty beyond words has inspired artists in Hawai’i to create alluring artwork for centuries. Those same paintings, weavings and sculptures have also been powerful storytelling tools, passing on the legends of Hawai’i. See the world through the eyes of Hawaiian artists at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Kids can discover the craft of lei making or build whimsical sand volcanoes on the beach. Visit the Bishop Museum and see the stunning artifacts formed from the beliefs and daily lives of ancient Hawaiians. And everyone can learn the sacred moves of hula. Feel the rapture of its rhythm as the stories of Hawai’i move through you…

Wonders of Nature
Vibrant and thriving, the breathtaking beauty of Hawai’i surrounds you. Stunning sunsets splash across the horizon. Birds with striking plumage flit through the branches. Sublime flowers bloom in the sun’s radiance. And the vast sea holds mysteries even more amazing. Go snorkeling in Aulani’s own lagoon and meet teeming schools of colorful fish. Trail your hand in the waters of the Aulani Conservation Pool and stroke the velvety backs of gentle stingrays. You can even set off across the shores to Sea Life Park where native dolphins play. Commune with nature in the heart of Hawai’i and discover the wonders of life.

The Dream of Romance
Share a loving moment as you watch the rouge sunset spill across the sea. Take an intimate walk along the soft beaches. Unwind together in a private cabana as Aulani staff caters to your every whim. Pamper one another with the comforts of paradise as you enjoy the pure relaxation of a couple’s massage. Or go horseback riding along trails that wind into the rolling hills and rainforests. Heart to heart. Hand in hand. For now and forever. Let your love grow amid the beauty of the islands, where the passion of Pele warms the earth.

The Spirit of Paradise
Your mind and body are in harmony with the gentle breezes, the warmth of the sun, the sea that stretches into infinity. A graceful meditation with a tai chi master brings inner peace. Feel yourself align with the world as you stretch into a yoga pose in the lush gardens. The scent of jasmine welcomes you to unwind in a vitality pool. Bliss and balance. Search for signs of baby sea turtles emerging from the sands. The circle of life. Then reach to the stars with your spirit as Aulani storytellers reveal the ancient tales told to Hawaiians by the twinkling skies. Open your imagination and let your spirit soar.



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