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Universal’s Volcano Bay

Universal’s Volcano Bay™

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Water is Life. Life is Joy. That’s the philosophy celebrated at Universal’s Volcano Bay™ water theme park. It’s the carefree attitude the fabled Waturi islanders have embraced on their Pacific isle for centuries. It is told that their enchanted waters have granted the Waturi the secret of time. While there are only 24 hours in any day, the Waturi found that by spending every waking second doing the things you love, with the people you love, it is possible to make happiness last indefinitely.
For the Waturi, there appears to be a refreshing abundance of time. Time to experience new sensations. Time to be immersed in new thrills. Or time to just relax, which is the one thing most of us have the least time to enjoy.

And now you have the opportunity to experience Waturi time for yourself at Volcano Bay™, a vacation getaway where excitement and tropical indulgence flow in perfect harmony. It’s both a relaxing day at the beach and an action-packed island adventure, creating a theme park like no other. What’s truly amazing is what you don’t see: no standing in long lines, no carrying rafts around the park, nothing between you and a full day of fun. Here, every guest is granted the powers of the TapuTapu™ wearable. With just a wave of your wrist you can hold your place in the ride lines and reveal wondrous surprises throughout the park.

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