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Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food

Take a journey through the cantinas, street carts, and markets of Mexico City for the best food you’ve never had at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food. Only the freshest ingredients—marinated, roasted, or grilled to perfection—are used to create the craveable Mexican street food fare that has drawn attention from the culinary elite around the globe. The incredible food, colorful décor, and authentic bar menu will make you feel like you just discovered a hidden gem that only locals know about.

There’s been a terrible misconception in America when it comes to “Mexican” food. At Antojitos, you won’t find piles of bland refried beans, chewy rice, and the same three ingredients wrapped in different types of tortillas.

This is food straight out of the street carts and cantinas of Mexico City: steaming fresh tortillas; fresh, colorful vegetables; and hot, succulent meats. Every bite fills your senses and satisfies your hunger—that’s an experience you can only get when every dish is prepared from scratch. You’ll find foods you know and love, but you’ll also discover new flavors and dishes that you’ve probably never seen on this side of the border.

Along with the food, the drink menu has been crafted around authentic, Mexican beverages. Imported beers, regional wines, and an extensive selection of tequila and mezcal bring the best of Mexico right to your table.