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Planning Your Disney Trip

Moms and Dads who choose to stay on Disney property have already positioned themselves to be a hero in the eyes of the kids. Not only is the atmosphere of any given resort filled with the magic of Disney, but you can take advantage of many time saving, memory making amenities.

What To Pack
Planning is essential to maximize enjoyment at any of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

  1. dad_castleA backpack or fanny pack is a great help for carrying around those essential items for the day, and any collectibles you may pick up during the day.
  2. Comfortable shoes. This is not the time to be breaking in new Reeboks!
  3. Rainwear. Ponchos are sold in the theme parks for around 5 dollars, but you can be prepared, and beat the rush.
  4. Sunscreen. Carry a tube with you and reapply it often. Sunburn is the number one complaint at the First Aid Clinic in the Magic Kingdom.
  5. Juice boxes are handy not only in the car for the trip enroute, but they’re perfect to carry while you’re touring the theme parks. Water containers pre- frozen work great as well.

Develop a Plan:
A good Disney will never fall into the “Next time I’ll know…”, or “If only we had known….”

Prior to park arrival day, discuss some of the basic, but necessary essentials of park survival.

Plan wake-up times and park arrival times: Based on park opening schedules and itineraries.

Call the night before to get actual opening times. Actual opening times do vary from announced times. The Disney Folks run about a dozen or more different operating schedules during the year. The number is 407-824-4321.

Determine in advance what to see. There are many special events scheduled throughout the year at Disney. For specific information about what’s happening on the day you visit, stop by City Hall as you enter the park. NOTE: During a parade can be one of the best times to catch the more popular rides, since the parades siphon large numbers of people away. If you would like to enjoy a parade, perhaps the best idea to beat the mid-day heat would be to return to the park after your break and get a place at the Main Street Railroad platform.

Plan for some type of nourishment to take place. Food is necessary to maintain stamina for the days events. If you are a resort guest, taking advantage of early park entry a light snack from the resort snack bar may be in order. You can always head back for a late breakfast or early lunch after the park begins to fill. If it’s not an early park entry day for the park you are visiting, many of the resort restaurants open by 7:00 a.m., and it is possible to enjoy breakfast prior to park arrival. Also, the theme parks have many options ranging from muffins and juice to full breakfasts. In the Magic Kingdom, Main Street opens one half hour before the park does with many places to great a bite.

Decide on transportation. All Disney transportation begins operation one hour prior to park openings. Refer to our web page on Disney Transportation, for more info.

Develop a plan on what to do if separation happens. Make sure the kids know to seek out any Disney cast member for assistance if this happens. If you are an On-Site dad you could write your last name, and the resort where you are staying with a marker on their arm. NOTE: Special name tags can be attained at all four major theme parks.

Character Encounters. No WDW visit would be complete without seeing the Disney characters. The characters appear next to City Hall, in Town Square, throughout the day. Disney’s can take the kids to the Fantasyland Pavilion from 9 am to 6 pm daily. The Best place in the MK to see the characters is at Mickey’s Toon Town, where there are always many characters present. But a champion Disney knows that for quality time with the characters there is no better opportunity than a character breakfast or dinner staged at many resorts and locations in the major theme parks. For more information on character dining, Click Here!

Plan a mid-day break! No Disney wants to relive that fateful scene from “Mutiny on the Bounty” when the whole crew decides to bail out, but that’s exactly what can happen if you try to do too much in one visit. One of the greatest advantage of staying on-site is being able to head back to the resort on the monorail or by boat for a relaxing swim, a meal at the resort, or a nice nap. You can return to the park later in the evening, or visit another park altogether.

Decide on your “must see attractions”: There are many attractions you will not want to miss, and this can be tailored around interests, children’s ages, and length of stay at WDW. Keep in mind, you probably will not be able to see it all in one trip. We are however sure they are not going to move WDW to Tibet next year, so you can return for another visit!

Planning your Disney vacation right is what guarantee’s you will feel the most magic when you arrive at your Disney destination. There are many aspects of planning your magical vacation, so we would like to provide you with as much of this information as possible. Everything from what you should pack to meeting your favorite Disney character is covered in this section.

Planning your Disney vacation is the most crucial part of the trip. This is where dinner reservations can be made, tours should be scheduled, and supplies need to be bought for your magical journey. most of your questions about Walt Disney World should be answered before you even decide to go, so if you have concerns about anything that is not discussed in this section please call our Walt Disney World specialists at 866-972-6244.

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